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Vitamin supplement and cold wrap

Vitamin supplement and cold wrap

Let me know what you all think…

I’ve been reading the board for a long time and it seem that most of the supplement discussion has been focused on erectile enhancement, rather than the treatment after PE.

I’ve also seen several articles suggesting that PE’er warm-wrap “after” their workout. I believe this is wrong (to a degree). Here is my thought process,

When you are Jelging, you are basically trying to enlarge the cellular makeup of your penis (meaning stretching for permanancy). Since there is no muscle (other than small amount on the base of the penis) on the body of the penis, when you are jelging, you are damaging the cellular structure. Now I’m not talking about blood spewing type of damage, but no matter how careful you are, the cellular structure will be imflammed and/or torned/ bruised (but cannot be seen or felt).

The hanger/stretcher also will face above scenerio, albeit with slight difference. You are putting slightly more pressure on the ligament/connective tissues. However, imflammation could still could occur as cell struction could be bruised or torned (cells not yet ready for heavier weight?).

So why do I think its wrong to have a warm-up after a PE session? Its because imflammation is better treated with cold (not always, but in our case). You are trying to minimize the damage (imflammation) so that your body could do its job more efficiently.

Think about it this way, after heavy jelging or hanging session, don’t you feel like your penis is on fire? Thats because it is bruised/damaged and your body is trying to repair the damage. The cold treatment will aid in that process.

As for the supplements, there are lots of talk about HGH, L-Arginine, etc. However, these are geared more toward erectile enhancement, rather than recovery support. I’ve listed below all the vitamin/herb that could be useful in this process.

As for what I do? I warm up regularly, then after the session, I wait until my blood flow is normal (few minutes) then use slightly cold wet tower wrap. It seems to speed up my recovery process fairly quickly.

Vitamin/herb listing for recovery process:

Medicago Sativa (alfalfa leaf) - contains abundant chlorophyll, vitamin C and boflavonoid, D, E, K with trace of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sulphur, silicon,choline, and zinc. Purifies the blood, neutralizes acids and toxins.

Astragalus Membranaceus (Astragalus Root) - is a tonic herb which strengthens the immunine system.

Barley and wheat Grass - detoxify and slows the cellular deteriorization.

Vaccinium (Bilberry fruit) - it strengthens veins and capilaries.

Carrots - is an anti-oxidant with great anti-inflammatory conditions.

Chlorella - another cellular anti-degeneration herb.

Echinacea - one of the better immune booster. Also acts as an antiseptic when applied to skin.

Zingiber Officinalis (Ginger Root) - great general immune booster and anti-inflammatory root.

Ginkgo Biloba (Ginkgo Leaf) - improves blood circulation and the quality of blood flow to the central nervous system. Typically sold and memory enhancer, which it will help, but this will thin the blood which aid in oxygination of all core system (eye, brain, heart).

Glucosamine- provides support to manufacture a mucopolysaccharide found in cartilage.

Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) - strong anti-oxidant that prevent cell damage.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) - general anti-inflammation herb.

MSM - relieve the pain and inflammation.

Oat Bran - helps restore bones and connective tissue.

Saw Palmetto - Anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin A/Beta-Catotene - is an antioxidant that prevents free radical damage, and promote skin health.

Vitamin B-2/3/6 - helps skin health and arterial tissues.

Vitamin C - helps make collagen, which strengthens blood vessels, bone and skin.

Vitamin E - another great antioxidant.

Iron - support immune and collagen (connective tissue) production.

Magnesium - help build tissues and promotes absorption of other minerals.

Selenium - antioxidant that wors with vitamin E to protect against cellular damage.

Turmeric - Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Zinc - strengthens immunity and wound-healing. Also support testosterone development.

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Great post, Monkeybar. I went back in and put spaces in between some words. I see I still missed one.

I’m taking many of the supplements you list, not so much for PE, but to slow the aging process so I can keep up with my sons for a few more decades.

You might be interested in these older threads that discuss whether vitamin C might actually be detrimental to gains. You seem to know some things about supplements. It would be interesting to hear your take on this topic: here.

How funny! Read what theman wrote about it: Ice Baths


Thanks for correcting my space bar problem. My darn space bar has something stuck under it and I can’t seem to get it out.

I read the thread you supplied with great interest and here is my take on the vitamin C matter…

It is important to remember that Vitamin C is a water soluble and whatever your body doesn’t need, it will be washed away. One thing I find troubling is the amount that people take. While vitamin C is not toxic (taken in large quantity), your bodily fluid will become more acidic… and this is bad (too much pressure on your other organs and very hazardous in long term - you might not feel it now, but wait till you grow old).

Before I get to Bib’s theory on Vitamin C, here are some recommendation on supplement (I think its important that people understand how vitamin/herb supplements work as there are lots of confusion and mis-information - when it works, it works great):

1) Nothing works alone. Just taking vitamin C or any other vitamin/mineral alone could actually be detriment to overal health.
2) Only take higher than normal usage when faced with certain condition (i.e. cold, flu, headache, etc)
3) Most (not all) vitamins and mineral/herb must be cycled. This is to avoid your body getting used to the supplement and could actually stop natural production (i.e. essential amino acid). A classic example is Echinacea - you don’t want to be on it forever.
4) Don’t over do it. The ligament/collagen/cellular structure should be helped to correct the damage, not to build stronger.
5) Recommended daily allowance is an old estimate. The new accepted methodology is to double the amount for most and 3 to 4 times for few others.
6) Don’t take anything unknown unless you are absolutely sure that you are not allergic to the new herb.
7) Who manufacture and which part of the herbs/root it came from are important. This determines the potency and effectiveness (I know, we all want the cheap stuff, but it matters and this has been proven).
8) Timing is important for certain vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C (remember taking more Vitamin C when you get cold?).
9) I’m not the expert, but my wife is (practitioner - I’m just regurgitating (sp?)) and I haven’t got a cold or flu in over 10 years thanks to her.

Now going back to Bib theory (not sure if I’m disagreeing with you, but its with great respect): I take it that Bib’s assumption is revolved around weakening of ligament via not enough vitamin C. While this does make sense, it does not account for vitamin C acquired through other means and body’s defense mechanism.

You could get your daily intake (different for everyone) through variety of means (veggie, fruit, drinks, and even meat). Even at lower level (lets say 70% of a particular individual), unless it is prolonged condition (weeks), it will not have any great effect to the condition it is encountering.

As for the body’s defense mechanism, a lack of certain essential vitamin (again, only after long term condition), will have opposite effect. Your body will spend all its energy to correct the damage to original condition and will actually try to strenghten it. The theory seems fine (lower the body’s fighting ability, could make more gain), however, I don’t think body will react that way. Your body will still try to correct the damage and in opposite effect will try to strenghtening it as it learning that it takes more energy to correct the damage (to original condition rather than stretched condition). Again, this is speculative at best as I’m basing it on limited knowledge I get from my wife.

Think of it this way, the bodybuilder takes extra supplements to make gains. While we are not talking about muscle, it could still be apply to ligament/collagen/cellular structure. It has all to do with balanced health. The bodybuilder takes extra supplements because they are using greater amount of essential vitamin/mineral and they need to replenish those supply.

When it come to collagen/ligament/cellular structure, you will need the “right amount” of supplement to help your body correct the damage, not necessarily to build (you don want your body to over over correct the damage, which will make it difficult for PE if your ligament is much stronger than before, but based on human physiology, slightly stronger is definite after each healing).

A little note on cold vs hot. For Jergers, you would want to put a cold wrap to eleviate the inflammation (never use ice as you are not trying to shock the condition, such as burn). A cold wet tower will do. For the Hangers, after thinking about it little longer, a hot tower will be better as hanging will drain blood supply and heat will allow it to come back faster.

I think I’d babbled on little too long here so I’ll stop (sorry, we are passionate about supplements (trade and personal).

Let me know what you guys think.

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Great info and I agree with your assessment on vitamin C supplementation while doing NPE. I use nearly all of the supplements you mentioned but you won’t catch me with a cold wrap!

Firstly, thank you for listing what the supplements do. Many of the ones you listed are in a enlargement pill I got off the internet. I find it useful to know their function. I have to disagree with the cold wrap idea. Inflammation is a sign of damage, but it is our bodys way of trying to heal the damage. Inflammation is increased blood flow which brings more nutrients and increases the healing process. In the case of joint inflammation, however, inflammation causes pain and decreases mobility. The main idea behind RICE, (rest, ice, compression, elevation) is to eliminate inflammation to decrease pain. Cold decreases blood flow to the area, and conversely heat increases blood flow. I always thought that more blood flow would aid in the healing process. I would use a cold wrap if I acutely injured my penis in a way I didn’t want to, but luckily this hasnt happened yet. I’ve only been doing PE for a month and a half so I’m not at a high intensity level yet. Anyways, thats my take on the idea.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy

Hey again, Ive given this cold wrap idea more thought and I agree with you. I don’t really see the benefit of a hot wrap after a workout. The healing process doesn’t take place 5 min. after PE. It takes place throughout the day. A cold wrap would take down any inflammation. In any kind of injury cold is applied first and heat later. The heat helps in healing by dilating blood vessels and bringing more blood into the area. Similar concepts include icy hot, which is proven to increase blood flow (but don’t ever put it on your penis I had a BAD experience one time it got on my balls, nuff said) penis pills, which give put more blood in there resulting in a bigger flaccid size, and magnets. Im not too clear on the magnets but I saw an infomercial once with several different braces that had magnets in them. The theory is that magnets attract the iron in blood. (Penis magnets anyone?)

But, I have read elsewhere that it might be better to remain swollen after a workout to help cement gains.

Sorry this is long winded, but I cant sleep so I might as well beat some issue to death.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy

I would think cold wrap would be good after very heavy jelging session. It isn’t meant to hear the damage, rather it is to eleviate the imflammation right after heavy jelqing session. I don’t personally use the cold wrap since I don’t do heavy jelqing, but thought I bring it up since every document mention the hot wrap. I would think that hot wrap after heavy jelqing session will worsen imflammatory condition.

Pops - one thing I did noticed on your message was “enlargement pill I got off the internet”. Hopefully you know they don’t exist - but hey it doesn’t hurt any if dosage is not huge.


Yeah I know there is no magic pill, and the claims these places make, like 3 inches, are outrageous. I would never pay 150 for a 3 month supply of one of these pills. Right now Im taking zytodyne which is $45 for a three month supply and they list the amount of each ingredient in each pill on the back of the bottle. I was duped before I found this site, I bought a 3 month supply of Viacyn for 140, and they dont even list the amount of each ingredient. I just sent it back, I should get a full refund.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy

Hey think of it as cheap multi-herb supplement. Thats pretty cheap for 3 months supply. You should see my bill, I’m paying over $50 for few weeks supply for enzyme extract.

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