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Vita K cream helping fade discoloration!!


So Far, So Good.

It’s been almost a couple weeks since I got the cream in the mail. It’s working out okay, but under the glands it’s kinda itchy and red. Anyone else have this same problem?

I actually bought some of this cream but have not started using it yet. For some reason my discoloration has gone back a bit even though I am clamping. I think I have found a good balance of what my body can handle. It is not so bad at all so I will handle any discoloration later when I reach my goals more.

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I just searched Vita-K on Amazon and it gave me 4 pages of the millions of products the company makes. There are products for veins, scars, bruising, blotchiness, etc and there are newer “Super” versions and older versions. Some of them at least sound especially intriguing, like the Vita-K Solution Super Vitamin K with Arnica, Bruises. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

On a different note, I think someone should take before and after pictures of Vita-K just for sorta proof because it’s hard to detect gradual changes when you see your wang every day. I’d say I’ll do it but I don’t think I ‘m going to do the Vita-K just yet.

I read some reviews on the vita-k cream for dark circles under the eyes and they didnt sound too good. I don’t know how different the vita-k products are from eachother though. I am still very interested in getting it as I will do anything to fade this dicolouration (and it’s only $15).

Anyone have any concrete improvements with this product?

Gained 1 inch length finally! the first big step in my PE time :D

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I use the one that is for spider veins (hope the link works — I’m hopeless at that techie - stuff):…7908586&sr=1-11

I never took before pictures, but after 2 months I am convinced that it has made a quite noticeable difference when using twice a day.

I was never able to get this to cure my bruised looking dots, where blood has been trapped in broken capillaries. Any of you guys have luck with this? Over all it has made my entire shaft lighter.

I read an article a while back about pornstars using some cream to lighten the color of their assholes. Maybe this was it? Anyone else read about this?

For awhile now, depending on how long or how many times I masturbated, my dick will feel sore, and if my penis bangs against something afterwards (like leaning against a table), and the vein is hit, it hurts.

Would VitaK help heal that?

Or is there something else I should use?

PE should, in my opinion, be a health thing, like brushing our teeth and working out.

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Thanks for the info I am going to try vit K but does anyone have any experience with Arnica gel.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

I’m going to try it as well. Anyone knows a place selling it online in Canada?


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