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Vit C realisation

Vit C realisation

I never thought much of Bib’s vitamin C intake limiting gains theory.

“It doesnt apply to me” I thought…. “I don’t have that much vit c in my diet, let alone take supps”

But I was just reading the back of this carton of juice which I have been drinking (or a similar type) for a very long time:

“Vitamin C: 3mg per 100mL”
“Recommended Dietary Intake: 40mL”

now, I drink at least a liter of this shit per day, which means that I’m getting at least double the RDI for Vit C!!!


When this carton is finished I wont buy anymore and see what happens…
Bib, I hope to god you’re right!!!

Just a lesson in consumerism! Read the ingredients eh!

Nazi juice company limiting my gains! I feel a lawsuit coming on…. oh no wait, I just need to pee real bad… :D

Would somebody please tell me about this theory or give me a link to something please, thanks it sounds interesting:)


I think it started all with this thread:

Gains, Vitamin C, amount of work

Do a search with “vitamin c” if you want to know more.

I can see the logic behind this theory, but I also think the reverse may be true. Any workout, even a PE workout, is based on the idea that when the body experiences stress it heals itself and takes precautions to not have to experience stress again.

If an example is needed, when you do a bench press you are actually (if you are doing it right) tearing down muscle fibers. Growth comes when the body, while resting, repairs the little injuries by use of what nutrients are available to it. If there are enough nutrients left over, the body builds additional fibers in anticipation of another injury.

Vitamin C is a substance whose primary purpose is that of repair and prevention. Given the above example it would make sense that C would help with PE gains. But then it would also make sense that it would hinder isnce there are elements of PE (stretching) that actually depend on the body’s inability to fully repair itself. I think BIb’s belief is that Vitamin C would, in the above equasion, actually make the ligs stronger and more difficult to manipulate.

But I think that is assuming that ligaments repair themselves at the same, slow rate of muscles. From what I’ve read, however, they might repair themselves at at much faster rate. If this is the case, you could stretch in the morning and take C at night to experience the full benefits of both.

But then, I’m really assuming alot. And I’m on the fence with the whole thing to begin with. These are just the facts as I understand them.

Ligaments are one of the slowest tissues to heal in the body. Unlike muscles they are not so vascular, they don’t get nearly the same blood supply as other tissues in the body. This is why ligament injuries are so severe in sports, they take extremely long times to heal and may never completely heal. Take a look at the NFL, guys pull a muscle and they’re out for a few games, tear a ligament or a tendon and its bye bye till next season if you’re lucky.

I think that Bib might be onto something with his vit c theory, but I don’t know to what degree it would influence gains. Ligaments heal slowly, but that is from studies done after major trauma. If we are doing very minute damage does it heal daily if we are getting high levels of vitamin C? Since vitamin C is so vital to repairs, I think it might also make sense that tunica gains would be improved by vitamin c.

I’m not saying Bib’s V-C theory is correct or not. What I wonder about is, if it is correct, how can guys like me gain 2.5 inches while taking (daily) 1000- 2000 mg of C supplement then ingesting even more V-C in our normal diets.



The Vit C thing is not an absolute. As I pointed out many times, there are so many variables involved in how much someone gains, or in the speed of gains.

The theory that lower levels of Vit C would tend to make the collagenous tissues weaker, and slower to heal. This would make expansion of the collagenous tissues easier, either in girth or length. Therefore, gains should be greater and faster with limited Vit C intake. The normal bodily needs of Vit C could be satisfied with punctuated intake, maybe a couple times per week.

Collagenous tissues become stronger as they are stressed, unless of course, they are denied the nutrients which allow them to become stronger. When these tissues are healed, they do not become significantly larger, or large enough to make gains from PE. The only thing that creates significant gains in PE is from expansion of the tissues. Stronger, healthier tissues simply make them tougher.


Originally posted by Bib
As I pointed out many times, there are so many variables involved in how much someone gains, or in the speed of gains.

This sounds a little like what they say about Lipton’s Chicken Noodle dried soup: You just have to have faith that there’s chicken in there.

I’m not knocking Bib or his thinking. Look at his stats; read his well-thought posts. But it appears that some of us at least can eat our Vit C and have bigger dicks, too.



I have taken multiple grams of vitamin C per day before, during, and since retiring from pe (following length and girth gains).

In addition to its other benefits, it improves nitric oxide function in the vasculature (meaning it supports erectile function).

In my opinion, the potential gains from Vit-C are greater than the benefits — when working out, if I supplement with substantial (2+ grams per day) C, I feel much better, heal much better, and see more results….if it takes me that much longer to see a bigger dick, so be it.


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