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Visualization! Your key to results.

Visualization! Your key to results.

DLD has mentioned this a few times, I have yet to see it really acknowledged by anyone else. Everyone agrees a postive attitude is important, but beyond that, rarely have I seen the topic approached in any depth.

So…I propose that visualization is the most important factor in PE.

Arnold Swarzeneggar saw his bicepts as mountains. So he saw, so it became.

(Yup, we’re goin’ biblical.)

How many view your cocks as mighty Anacondas waiting to be unleashed?

(Voodoo, baby.)

How many that have reported sizeable gains, did not ‘see’ the results before they came? Or maybe another thought, assuming mind leads the body, how could you possibly expect any gains after, say, 3 months of stagnation? Each stroke, pull, or tug will simply re-affirm a futile effort.

No gains?

Check you mind. It might have poisoned your gains.


I dunno.

A break from the exact activities that have lead to that state of affairs might be a beginning. It need not be a radical change, just a slight shift. But the attitude behind it must be a clean break. Effort must be directed away from a hopless gesture that, gee… one day…maybe….might show results…like…uhm…1/2 an inch.

Try this on for size instead:

An affirmation of Mighty Proportions! Monstrous Size! World Domination! Hordes of young, nubile, nude, nymphets leaping out of bed in sheer fright as Damian, God of all Anacondas, is unleashed!

Each stroke not just leading to that result, but affirming that inevitability.

How could you fail?


An affirmation of Mighty Proportions! Monstrous Size! World Domination! Hordes of young, nubile, nude, nymphets leaping out of bed in sheer fright as Damian, God of all Anacondas, is unleashed!

Dam that sounds good to me Northstar, bring on the hordes of young naked nymphets, I want to unleash my serpent.

I like your writing style



I heartily agree with you, in fact, i share the same opinion which has been more or less indirect in the other topics, i.e. “….big dick attitude”. I wish you and others (DLD this one’s for you ;) ) could share their techniques on this one.

And yes, it’s possible for the mind to throttle the results but also jumpstart the growth into baobab kind of monster.

anyways, i liked that Damian stuff, gonna print the whole saying and put it in my room :P

Just my 2 cents :)



Nice post Northstar, i came to the same thing on the last days. I think visualition plays a big role in this whole PE exercises.

So first we must figured out how it would be, then we act and do it. That is so in every field of our live because we are guided by our thoughts.

I will beginn with that, visualaizing as much as i can. I could be very helpfull if DLD would introduce us his “technic”

As so many times before I must say DLD is again one step ahead (or should i say two steps…).

Cya, Matti

I have tried to discus this before but it never really took off. I have a complete system I use for visualization that I am so happy to share..*starts to feel like a hippy again* I will post it here along with some other things I do that help me in making the goals I want to make. Thanks for starting such a great thread.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

my visualization has always simply been to watch porn while I jelq and let the current star be the penis mine will become. I know some of you won’t do this for many reasons, all of which I think have there degree of validity.

I don’t have alot that I can use while stretching because any image of sex that comes into my mind makes me get a stiffy which is counter productive to my flaccid stretches, so would love some help visually here.

I am very intrested in this topic. So please DLD post on.



I’m not sure that I can say this has any effect whatever, however I think that it doesn’t hurt anything. While I don’t sit down for a visualiztion session, nor make a point of visualizing gains while PE’ ing. I do at some times during the day imagine myself where I want to be (reasonably thin with a nbp of at least 7.5” - if I was thin enough I’d be there already). I think its a good idea not to put too much stock in “magic” mental process mumbo jumbo since it is not proven here, but imagining my self where I want to be is both pleasant and inspiring.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Yes please post your complete visualisation system, I am interested and would very much like to read it.



Thanks, gentlemen, for the positive response. I was all but certain I was going to be flamed to no end (I very cautiously clicked on the post bracing myself for the worst), my fears were for not.

This really is a cool forum.

And DLD, I think it’s fairly unanimous, we all want to hear about your visualization techniques!

Power to the flower children!



Hey dld,

I know you are going to post an epic on this visualization idea, do me a favor and post it in a new thread, with an easy to find title, like your Blasters thread. This will cut down on guys asking where the hell it is. Easier to find in the search function.

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I second this...

Perhaps “Mind Blasters”


Looking forward to reading it…


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