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Visual Help... First Session !!

Visual Help... First Session !!

Hi guys !!

I’m a newbie here… So bare with me…

I did read all the newbie forum… all the glossary and a bunch of posts, but I still have some questions:

First - Does anyone have any pictures or drwnings for the exercises?? Jelq… Uli’s… Stretching… Squeeze… Anything would help !!
I did my first session yesterday and I’m not sure I’m doing it right:

- I took a hot bath with lots of hot water on “my boy”
- Then I did a session of stretching… Should I pull with both hands right under my glan, right? Center, up, left, right…
- Then I did a 15 min of Jelq… Thumbs down… Should I be standing?… I noticed that if I sit and lean back I get a better grip and seems to be easier to pull “my boy”
- I tried to do some Uli’s at the end but I guess I was tired…
- Finally I did a few more stretching…

Any help will be highly appreciated !!

(Sorry for any English mistakes ;) )

drawings...videos etc

That, I guess is the one thing Thunder’s place does not offer that some pay sites do…explanatory videos.

The first vid I saw on the pay site I joined was a guy with his arse in the air clamping down on his PC muscle…I didn’t know what to do!…laugh??!!

However it clearly showed how to do the exercises (ie jelqing etc), which were a great help. However, it wasn’t until I had been on the forums for a while that I really began to jelq properly.

There are many ways…palm down, palm up, two way, hand over hand, etc. You say thumbs down…I assume you mean thumb on the bottom ie. palm down. I prefer that way as (especially for the shorter flaccids) you have more length to run given that the other fingers don’t get in the way.

AS far as the exercises go (stretching etc), try different ways and stick to the one that FEELS the best. I don’t manual stretch as I don’t feel it works for me, I have come up with my own kind of squeezes based on the ULIS and I’m keen on trying the HORSE squeeze further down the line.

I don’t know anyone who jelqs standing…too much like hard work. If you feel comfortable sitting and leaning back then THATS the position for you at the moment. With time you will adjust the angle, maybe pull with your arm under your knee while leaning forward etc, or maybe not. Try with both hands, dry wet and dry jelqs, jelqs with kegels etc.

Experiment a little and do what FEELS right.

And good luck.


Thanks for the answer Guiri….

Which pay site do you recomend?…

Yeah… I meant plam down grabing from the base of my dick and pulling all the way to the glan… 3 sec each hand for 15 min…

Just one more thing… What the hell is a HORSE squeeze!?!?!:D

Cheers !!

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