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Visual-- Current Stats Vs. My Goal


Visual-- Current Stats Vs. My Goal

I did the proportions precisely— +1” length (16.6%), +.5” girth (11.1%). From 6” NPBEL x 4.5 EG to 7” NBPEL x 5” EG. Take a look!

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Bump! :)


No time to break out a ruler but are you sure that is 7 inches? It looks small. Please tell me it is accurate!

The relationship between the two dicks is exactly correct. The actual display size on the screen is off a bit, but it’s a moot point as it’s irrelevant. The diagram is showing how much bigger, percent-wise, my goal is than my current size. If you take the entire image and stretch it proportionally (by height and width) until the larger image’s length is actually 7”, then the smaller image will be 6”. Does that make sense?


Yes, perfect sense, to understand my excitement you would have to know I haven’t touched a ruler in probably a year. :0

I’m guessing your unit’s bigger than my goal. Damn you! Anyhow, I’m grabbing a ruler right now… Alas, the larger penis actually measures 6” across the screen. Here’s a corrected version of the photo, where the sizes are closer to what they represent in reality: See attachments below. Ah, that’s a nice goal. I’ll smile big when I reach it :)


M.E., thanks for the eye opener, I’ll always remember you for this. I owe you one, I haven’t been this excited in a very long time. :up:


That seems much better.

Well, your 7X5 measures on my screen at 8.5” LOL That actually is my goal so it’s nice to see what it’s going to look like.

Cool concept bro!

1024 x 768 pixels here. You? It definitely measures 7” on my screen…


Can you make an 8x6 NBP?

And yeah, it is fun to look at. If anyone wants me to have a stab at tailoring a diagram specific to your current size vs. goal, I’ll happy to…


penflex, I’ve got to know your current stats first.



As soon as I lose the fat pad, NBP will be 7”, but lets go with 6” for now

Alright, penflex. Here’s your current stats vs. your goal— from 6x4.75 to 8x6. It’s +33% length, +26% girth.

See attachments below.


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