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Looks like he is squashing his penis

Ouch!! I saw that device on another site. I still think the old fashioned way is the best. What do they say, I made my money the old fashioned way, I earned it. Same thing with jelqing. Stick with the tried and true. These devices could end up injuring your penis and or breaking blood vessels. Then you will end up with a totally limp dick.

the old fart weighs in

I know it looks awful, but fellas, TRY IT!

Just don’t waste $35 for something that takes a lot more effort than a couple of drumsticks.

With simple sticks, you can hold your hands next to your dick, which is a lot less effort than holding them way out from your body as with this inspiring but flawed contraption.

After 5 years of no gains, I am AWED by what’d happening to me in 15 minutes a day.

(OK, OK, I get overenthusiastic at times…)


hey Tom
I was saying on the other board that your sticks would make a much better power jelq due to the shape.The power jelqer being a canning tong is not the right shape.


I had lost the link to the forum so I thought it was
but it turned out to be a gay dance club on Long Island:)

Dino }:-) ~


So dance already…

One quick question for you, Tom....

Just looked at your drumstick method, looks promising but do you use lube with that or not? It’s not mentioned there, I believe.

Thanks, Bro.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


One ? I have about the sticks is this. I’ve read about the dorsel nerve that runs on the top of your “bleep”. Do the sticks hve a chance of numbing or damaging this nerve?

I find just sitting on the edge of my bed and jelqing for 15 minutes straight regardless of state of erection is working great. It’s really thickening my penis in all directions, outward and around. I think the main thing is to be consistent and do it at least 5 times a week with maybe 6 times better. I’ve only been doing this a month but I have to say it’s really working for me and my routine seems to be much gentler and with much less effort than other routines I’ve seen posted here.

That jelqing device seems pretty neat in that it really mimics the jelqing motion with the hands - i know i sqeeze pretty close to that hard. But why do you need that when you can do it with your hands for much less? Two things I’ve found helpful when jelqing is to 1, do it seated, as the seated position is less stressful on the back as there is less reaching and your back can pretty much relax during it and 2, do not stare down at your dick on every stroke - try to do it with nice even strokes that require no looking down at all - again for the sake of your back cause you will put a lot of pressure on your spine with your head pulling down to look at your dick. Good way to get a chronic backache.

I’ve gained about a quarter inch in both directions using my from the base measuring method but to be honest - I’m considering abandoning measuring my dick totally. I look at it and it is clearly visibly bigger than it was before and that is what makes me happy. If it gets even bigger, than that’s great. But I don’t want to worry any more about my size - I dont want go from - well I feel my dick is small - I wish it were bigger - to my dick is not as big as that guys - I want to be bigger than him. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with wanting to have the biggest dick in the world. Just for me, I’m grateful to find something that really makes your dick progressively bigger. I’m already pretty satisfied with just the fact that my dick is a lot bigger than it was a month ago.

I’m a newbie but if I were to give any advice based on my limited experience it would be to not be too hard on yourself - physically with the jelqing or with the routine and emotionally - just be consistent. I think it is far better to jelq gently 10 minutes a day than to do it aggressively for 30 minutes twice a week. Make sure to have at least one rest day.

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The drumsticks technique looks interesting. I think though that the hands using a circle ring shape work the penis more evenly though. I guess you could adjust the sticks to work all areas around the circumference of your shaft. I’m sure this way offers much more consistent pressure than hands with less strain. I’m just afraid of uneven development. Do you use lube with that? I’d imagine you do. Glad to hear you are getting results!

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