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Victory story II (for RWG)

Victory story II (for RWG)

Ok, so I told you guys about this MILF I slept with a week or so ago who thought I was pretty big. I just got home from a trip and was feeling pretty randy, so I gave her a call. I told her that I was home from out of town and that I had some time this afternoon. She told me she would be right over. She got here about half an hour laterm and we talked a bit and started kissing. One thing led to another and we ended up in my bedroom. I gave her an oral orgasm, then she gave me some in return. No talk of size at this point, but she mentioned having to open her mouth pretty wide.

After starting to have sex (i was on top) she again started to complain a bit about me penetrating too deep. I told her that she just needed to tell me how deep she wanted it and how fast. I asked her if she ever felt that way with another man, and she told me no. So I asked if she ever had another guy with a big dick, and she said, “Nobody nearly as big as you.” She added, it never mattered to her, and I said it obviously didn’t, because it wasn’t exactly comfortable for her. Then she said that was true abut the length, but she loves how thick my cock is. I asked if she could feel a difference and she said only if they’re too thin or if they are thick, like mine. I asked if it felt good, and she said she loved it. I asked her if she ever had one as thick as mine and she said, nobody close.

Guys, I am having trouble believing it, because I never thought I would hear that from a woman.

She asked me to fuck her from behind, and while I was doing it (she has a great ass, nice and gym-polished) she was rubbing her clit. She asked me to put my finger in her ass, and not to fuck her too deep with my “huge cock.” After a couple of minutes she had a body-shaking orgasm. I pulled my finger out of her ass and asked her if she wanted me to fuck her ass. She said she did! She asked if it would hurt and I said a little at first, but it would get better. The unfortunate part is that I only got my head in and she was in too much pain. We tried it a couple of times, but no luck. But I’m gonna keep at it—I’m no quitter!

So there you guys go: more proof PE is worth it, more sexy fun with a hot MILF, and installment #1 of my pursuit of backdoor fun!

Wow bro, that story got me all tore up! It’s good to be king huh?!

Just wondering, what is your girth measurement?

Just above 6 at the base and 5.75 mid shaft. With a cock ring I’m up about half an inch the entire length.

Awesome, way to go ! Btw whats your age difference ?

What a great story. I can tell you from personal experience, if it wasnt for the guys around here I would have NEVER pursued ass fucking with Mrs 7, not it is part of our sex on a regular basis.

I love hearing stories like this.

Good luck, keep it up and keep us informed.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


What an awesome experience! Please, do tell more about the MILF, how tall, approximate weight, hair color etc., etc. I’m certain with a little training with graduated butt plugs she could have one of those anal witch orgasms.. An event that will sewer you for life. The one in GA that let me do it would have me balls deep in her ass and I would bust a nut so hard my balls would hurt for a couple of days like I was kicked in them! The nut busting was subsequent to me ‘wrestling’ around with her until we both were dripping with sweat with her talking dirty to me and cursing me out after I go it in… I will be watching your future posts tenaciousD, with great interest..

Good show!


Another great post you have.

You’re going to have me going to awaa meetings (anal witch addicted anonymous) to have any hope of recovering from your GA hookup. Maybe a favorite story thread should be started sometime. My vote would go for your anal witch story.

Great story Tenacious D. It sure got me worked up.

The Plumber Starting @ 6.5x5 bpe 12/20/03 Now 7.0"x5-1/8" bpel 1/20/04 Goal @ 8.5x6.5 bpe

It’s so great to have stories like this to share; I remember enjoying many from others and never thought I would have one to relate. It’s great fun. I’m nervous that I’ll not have the same response from other women, but at least I’ve gotten it from one! And I’m still going with my workouts, so I plan to keep raising the bar.

She’s 40, I’m 31. She’s about 5’8”, 120#, at the gym every day, strawberry blonde on top and red below. I am ashamed to admit I am not otherwise attracted to her—other than physically, I mean. I’ve never been the type to have purely sexual relationships as I’ve always been in committed ones. It’s pretty weird to just have someone to just have sex with and not anything else. But fun.

Sadly, I’d trade a hundred experiences like this to have my wife back—we’ve been seperated almost 8 months and it’s not going well. You guys reading this who have loving wives take note. You’re not missing anything compared to what you have going.

Whoa Man, I love the term MILF, and then you got me charged when you used the term “randy”, great story, thanks for sharing.


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