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Victorious story!!!


Originally Posted by tenaciousD
We actually did a ton of foreplay—wine, kissing, dirty talking, and I gave her two orgasms with oral sex before we started the intercourse. That’s why it was such a kick to have her complain a bit—I know she was ready. She actually asked me to fuck her, like she couldn’t wait any more.

Definitely sounds like her cervix should have been tented out of the way and her vagina expanded to the maximum by then. For her to holler too deep sounds like perhaps you were hitting bottom?

I guess. The one thing I can’t say is taht I felt it. I was wearing a condom, the first one I’ve worn since I was a teenager. Jesus it sucked. I could barely feel anything. Maybe I should ask for the best type on another thread…

Try Crown Condoms or Avanti.

There are some super thin Japanese ones that are quite good too, but I forgot the name.


did you get the chance to discuss anal with her.. The anal witch I had the pleasure of dealing with in the Army could take it hard in the ass but didn’t like it hard in the vagina. It could be possible that she might really go for some good old fashioned butt sex, plus the only thing she (and you) have to worry about is a prison baby which is nothing that some toilet paper can’t handle.. Good luck and great post!


LOL at prison baby. We actually discussed anal, which she is willing to try, but I have really nice sheets!


Congrats man! I always love hearing these great stories. It makes all those lonely nights with the hanger and the Carmen Electra poster worth it. Ah the joys of living vicariously through other members, on more than one level. I am sure it was great hearing the biggest ever comment, just make sure you keep her away from RWG. Then again he might break her in anal-wise for you but you would have to wait 6-8 weeks for the stitches to come out. :D

-Tom “The A is for Anal” Foolery

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Bravo, TenaciousD, what an inspiration for us beginners!

Keep us informed on your achievements and remember, your are the owner of an instrument of pleasure not torture, so handle it earnestly. ModestoMan’s advice is an excellent way to provide the lucky lady (and hopefully many others) with pleasures that she -evidently- never had before. However, it is clear you absolutely went beyond the call of duty in the foreplay section.


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Good for you friend. Keep us updated, victorious indeed sir.


That’s a story almost everyone here will, hopefully, get to experience at some time. Right now, my current GF can’t take it all the way, either and I love it :)

And she keeps gagging even though she’s deep-throat experienced, according to her.

Keep it up….

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


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