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Vets deserve a lot of thanks

Vets deserve a lot of thanks

Now that I am pretty much hanging all day I have read through every single post in the hanging forum. What is totally amazing to me is how much patience all of the seasoned vets have with everyone. I could not believe how many times the same questions got answered over and over again by the veterans. You guys deserve a ton of gratitude from those of us that do not take the time to read from the beginning before asking questions. I, for one, appreciate your total commitment and dedication to helping us achieve our goals- even though it has got to be hard as hell to answer the same things over and over again. Kudos to all our vets for a fantastic job!

Believe me, I plan to do my part after I get through the main member forum- which will take a lot longer than the hangers forum. Also, I need a bit more experience I think. I will bet that Bigger told at least a dozen or more people that skin stretch was an essential part of the growth process. He has got to have the second most posts behind you- hell, he has me ‘brainwashed’ (in a good way) so that I can parrot back everything he has said about hanging on this forum since he has to repeat himself so many times. To the other vets- I am just as appreciative of your commitment, I was just using Bib as an example :)

Just point the new guys in the right direction, if you know where they can find the information they want.

Bigger likes the good posts and I know he enjoys the ones that make he think. Or even the ones that are asking intelligent questions that he already has the answers for. He is a prince for putting up with the same repitive ones though. We see him answer a lot of the same questions here, just think what he gets in his email.

BTW, you can link someone directly to a particular post be copying the link from the number that is in the upper right hand corner of each individual post.

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