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Vets, can you post expected gains

Vets, can you post expected gains

I was wondering if the veterans here could post what gains to expect both manually and hanging. I know it would be an

approximation, but it might be helpful to those starting out.

If a newbie has been PE’ing for say 2-3 months and now has a

barometer to check himself against, maybe he could then try changing his routine to gain better results. What do you guys think?

I know this is a tough task since everyone is different, but can’t

some rough guidelines be established?

All respond please!!


Give your crank a yank and a spank

every now and then and watch what happens

That’s a very difficult question to answer. It depends on many things like training, diet, supplements, lifestyle, genetics…you get the point.

But I can tell you that – in my experience – the first thing to happen will likely be an increase in flaccid size. As far as what to expect in the long run, generally people have posted gains within the ballpark of 1-2 (rarely 3) inches in length with matching girth.

It takes a lot of work, but its worth it.

"It's not the destination that matters. It's the change of scene. " - Brian Eno

Size gain is just too individually variable to offer predictable “expectations.” I’d go so far as to say that the odds are that most men embarking on PE in a serious way will gain something.



Avocet is correct on this. It’s just hard to give a definitive answer.

I messed around with PE for a year or so until I found Thunders place and realized I was doing it all wrong.

After much research into the information on here, I settled on a routine that I could reasonably stick to and have seen sucess with it.
In 6 months time I have gained 1/2 inch in length and am continuing to pursue my long term goal.

I expected to gain 1” - 1.5” in the first year, but I was wrong. I gained over 2.75” through jelquing in 11 months. Can you expect the same results? “Expecting ain’t getting” <g>. Can you expect to gain? I think so, but you need to keep working at a routine that works for you.

I do truly believe that bigger is better!

Where your mind is has a lot to do with where your dick will be, imo.



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