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Veteran's personal opinions

Veteran's personal opinions

I was just wondering your opinions on a few questions i have as a beginner.

1.What is a good length vs girth?

2.What works better stretching, hanging, or both?

3.What is GREAT for girth, how often, and quantity?

4.Any tricks or special techniques for girth, and for length?

5.What are your before and after stats, how long did it take you to accomplish that goal, what did you do and how often? (a bit repetitive, I know)

Thank your very much for your input, it is greatly appreciated, and will be put to good use.


1)8x6 2) hanging 3)erect jelqing and squeezes frequent rest 4&5) see thunders link starting 6.25x5.5 now 8.5x6.5 many years of hard work, think long term and set your short term goal and your long term goal.

Good luck and welcome you have been assimilated

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Anybody else have any different opinions?

I have to agree with Dino on 1-4. I’d be happy with under 8 inches in length but I’m going to get as close to 6in girth as I can. Started from 5.75x5.25 and now 6.5 nbpx5.5.

I only PE every other day usually, because my sessions are so long that it really works my unit out. I’m currently thinking about pumping on the off days but I’ve been working overtime a lot.

I hot wrap, do a short manual stretching. Then hang for 12 mins at 15lbs. Then edge for a few mins before doing uli’s and uli bends. Then I might hang for 8-10 more mins then finally wet jelq at 60% erection. If I feel like I can take more then I end it with more manual stretching and ulis.

I don’t have a really strict routine, I just do what I feel like and what my dick feels like it can take.

I think 8x6 NBP would do me fine. My current stats are 8.25x5.875 BPEL, so I’m getting close. My goal is 9BPx6, but might up the girth goal to 6.25.

The trick I know of for girth is this. Time, a pump, and a good combo routine alternating pumping with jelqing, squeezes, and bends. I did this a year ago for about an hour per day and got 1/4” permanent gain in about a month.

For length, time and consistency are key.

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