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Veterans: Here are my starting stats/LOT... recommendations?

Veterans: Here are my starting stats/LOT... recommendations?

Hello everyone! I’ve been poking around this board for a good month now taking in all the information you guys have to offer and wanted to say thank you. I posted a thread in the newbie forum but realize that there are a lot more members hanging out (no pun intended, lol) around here so I figured I’d post here too for input. I just started PE on the 1st of the month. My beginning stats are horrible. Only 6 3/8” BPEL and 4.5” girth I’ve determined my LOT to be at about 7:30 or so. My beginner routine is as follows: For the first 2 days I did a 5 minute hot wrap for warmup. Then I did about 10 minutes of manual stretching in all directions. I found that stretching strait down and strait down/slightly to either side gave the best pull on the ligs so I concentrated on

that more than in other directions. Then I did 200 wet jelqs. On the second two days (yesterday and today) I increased that number to 300 and increased the manual stretching to about 15 minutes. Overall this routine takes me 35-40 minutes and when I’m done I feel as if I had a good workout down there. Anyway I just wanted to get some feedback from some of you as to what you think I’m doing right/wrong - like what should I add or perhaps delete to improve my chances for gains? ULTIMATELY I’d love to get to 8” BPEL and 6” girth, but realistically my goal at this point is 7” BPEL and 5” girth. I have about 45 minutes per day at night to invest in PE. Thank you so much for any advice everyone, I really do appreciate it!


Hey, welcome to Thunders. But Dude I don’t know why you write ” my beginning stats are horrible…only”.

If you read some of the more recent polls on size you’ll find you are definitely in the average range.

But if that’s not enough (like for most of us here) then you are in the right place.

Your routine sounds like a good one to start out with, looks like you checked out the newbie forum, as you work out more and condition yourself for a month or so you can begin to add some advanced exercises to the routine. I too have a low LOT but I find that downward stretching seems to give what feels to be some of the best stretching even though that’s not generally thought to be the best for that low of an LOT. But we’re all different so what ever works.

I started in Feb. with pretty much the same routine as you and slowly increased intensity and time. I now work out about an hour to hour and a half a day. I try to break it up am and pm.

Main thing to remember is safety first and be patient. This takes a long time for most guys. But it’s worth it. I’ve made slow but steady gains over my time here and so can you (maybe even some fast gains).

Anyway welcome and read as much as you can here, most of it is good info. and there are a lot of really helpful and encouraging people at the forum.

Good luck.


Welcome. Your program is sound for a newbie. It is much better and safer to pace yourself at the beginning and then gradually add some time and intensity to your routines.

As goingforit mentioned, you can always do split routines if lengthier time periods are not practical for PE’ing.

Success, I believe, can be had by all if you are committed and patient. Sometimes that is the hardest aspect of PE to maintain.

Use this free forum for information and for the all important support to help you reach your goals.

Best to you,

Thanks for the replies guys. Hey goingforit, when you have a rather low LOT are you supposed to stretch up more? Maybe I got it backwards when doing some research on here before. I feel very little pull on the ligs when stretching anywhere over say 9:00… I’ll continue to stretch upwards however, because since I’m new I have no idea what is/isn’t working yet.

Hiya immortality,just a word of encouragement for you,I started at 5.75x4.75 eleven months ago,now I’m just under 7x5.25 and very greedily in pursuit of 8.0x6.0 now.Be patient and persistent is my advice and keep that goal in your mind’s eye.

Good luck my friend.


8x5.5 is coming is coming

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