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VERY frustrated, actually losing gains

VERY frustrated, actually losing gains

Well I’ll start by telling me experience with PE. Started a around 6-7 months ago with jelqing, went from 5.25” to 5.75” , not sure about girth but that also increased. Got too lazy to PE around 3 months ago and bought a penis master stretching device. wore that for a month, 12 hrs/day, and increased my penis to an even 6. Took about a month due to school, stayed at 6.

Anyways, got back into wearing penis master for 12 hrs/day and had at one point, after some weeks of wearing it, measured 6.5”! But heres the problem, that was 2 weeks, and i thought that measurement was actually TOO LOW for I didnt feel I had a true 100% full erection (the kind u can only achieve during sex). But i was still thrilled. Now though, i can only seem to be getting it up 6, 6.2 MAX for the last week or so. What the hell? No matter how much i slap my dick against my leg and masterbate and try to get really really aroused, even taking sups like arginine, never gets past 6.2”. How can this be? I have continued to consistently wear my penis master at a comfortable traction for 12 hrs/day, how could I possibely actually be LOSING length? I took today off from wearing my penis master to see if maybe it had something to do with it, like maybe wearing it too long/too much traction, though I highly doubted it. But same story, only got it up 6” :(

HELP! I’m so frustrated!

12 hours a day seems excessive to me.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! My recommendation… start jelqing again. It was obviously working before, so why did you stop?


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Dear RonJeremy.Your dick only need rest. This kind of variations in lenghth are normal and temporally.

Put your penis master to sleep and begin to jelq .

No hay medidas. Disculpe las molestias I am dick is under construction.

Novatos, Comiencen Aqui

Take a blow to your ego, and consider your 6 to 6.2 to be your real length. Big whoop. Consider your 6.5 a brief anomoly, or mismeasurement. A small sign of where you’re going. Maybe it was a bone pressed flaccid STRETCH measurement.

You WERE a 5.25. You got to 6.00, sometimes a 6.2. Focus on seeing yourself as currently 6.00, and envision yourself going from there. We screw ourselves all the time when we measure and read too much into it. You cool? Take it from six, and stay FOCUSED and CONSISTENT! All true progress is slow and steady. You are on the right track as long as you don’t become your own worst enemy.

PS follow the advice above! Penis Master or not, JELQ a few times a week, okay?

What you believe means nothing.

How you love means everything!

Take a week off, start again.

At what force were you using the Penis Master? If you use too much force, you will cause contraction!

You obviously were doing something right to begin with…I suspect you got enthusaistic and upped the tension too high.

Relax…this is a long term project!

Take a week off and start with a similar force that you were using when you made your gains, and see if you don’t start gaining again.

Nice gains:) you should be happy. Do yourself a favor stop measuring so much.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Those things are junk. I got a good case of ED from the fastsize and 0.00 inches in gains. One hell of a product. Don’t be lazy. Have you ever gained anything in you life by being lazy. Funny that your even posting this thread.

Consider 6.5 a mismeasurement. It is so easy to just accidentally do it differently once - especially if something else is different - not as erect for instance. Maybe that caused you to allow your dick to be in a lower angle when measuring. Gives huge instant “gains”. That has happened to me or so I think - I have also had increases that turned out not to be. It’s such a pain when you realize… But time will get you there!

Originally Posted by thal
Don’t be lazy. Have you ever gained anything in you life by being lazy.

How ‘bout a belly?

Thanks guys. I am now on my second day off and my penis already seems bigger, though i wont be sure until i measure at the end of the week. And I am positive the 6.5” was not a mismeasurement, I was so shocked to realize I possessed that much dick I had to double, triple and quadruple check! I am thinking I probably did get over enthusiastic and up the tension too much. Hopefully my penis continues to feel (and actually IS) bigger, I am optimistic that it will :)

Being dedicated is the right attitude, RJ. Good luck!

Look, don’t worry if it is POSSIBLE to grow your unit bigger…it absolutely can be done!

The question is HOW!

Some luck out right away, some have to experiment some…some have to really try all kinds of aproaches.

For many of us, its a fine line between too much and too little pe.

It sounds like you were on the right track, I just think you slowly slipped into over training.

The problem with that is you are slowly getting out of the zone, so you don’t really notice it until you wake up and find a loss of size.

Just remember, if you achieved it once, it means that you are capable of being that big and probably bigger.

I wrote a thread that should be helpful for you in your quest.

Physiologic Indictors (PIs) to help growth!

Keep an eye on your PIs and it will be very helpful in nailing that growth zone…GOOD LUCK!

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