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Very depressing post from a guy I always looked up to in pe

Stretching exercises are more likely to be permanent compared to expansion exercises, i.e jelq, Uli’s, horses etc. Stretching exercises partly work by pulling the internal penis out and partly work by strecthing ligaments longer. Just as an ear won’t shrink back once it has been stretched for years, so too I believe, ligaments won’t. This would allow for permanent gains because the internal penis having been pulled out, can only be pulled back inside if the ligs shorten and pull it back to it’s original position.

Jelqs, Uli’s, horses etc, work by expanding the tissues to greater sizes, via blood pressure. These gains are partly from better circulation and blood pressure and partly from having grown more tissue over time from the effects of the first two. The blood chambers inside the spongy tissues are enlarged from their previous state. Inorder for all humans to get an erection, the blood pressure needs to increase in the penis, so that the chambers become rigid from being stretched to their capacity with blood. Gains from this type of growth are more easily lost, due to them being reliant on enough blood circulation and pressure to fill the enlarged blood chambers to full capacity.

Japp may find that his gains come back very quickly if he resumes jelqing. Losses in size from this type of growth might be reliant on there not being enough blood pressure in the penis to stretch the enlarged chambers full. Increasing the blood pressure would quite possibly see the gains return quite quickly. The chambers might have lost some of their elasticity from lack of ever being stretched full, but elasticity would return over time once the jelqing was contrinued and the chambers were stretched full regularly.

In short, gains from jelqing, Uli’s horses etc, are dependant on atleast some maintenance, inorder to keep the blood pressure high enough in the penis to fill the enlarged chambers to their full capacity.

Gains from pulling the internal penis out, do not require maintenance once cemented because the ligs stay stretched once stretched and do not rely on extra blood circulation to retain their length. The longer external penis does not require extra blood pressure to sustain the extra size, due to no actual penis having been grown as such. The new external length not needing extra blood pressure, as it was always filled with blood during erections, when it was part of the internal penis and nothing has changed just because the internal penis is now external.

Hope that makes sense to you. It is just theory. It still certainly leaves many questions unanswered.

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I agree 100%

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I took a long break from PE exercises starting in the beginning of May.
Now 6 months later when I measure my dick I realize that I have lost 50% of my length gains
but nothing of my girth gains.
So my results are quiet opposite from what Gottagrow described above.

I still feel very happy since I value my girth gains much more than my length gains.

Peter: For how long had you been PEing before taking the break? And how long had you had the gains you now lost?

Hopefully, if there is any justice in this world a fast gainer is a fast looser and a hard gainer is a hard looser. So my thesis is: easy gained easily lost.

Can you confirm?


I did the exercises for about 11 months before my break.
You can find my routines and others at the “Size´s PE Data Site”.
(Just scroll down a bit).

:-piss: :gulp:

Ok, so it seems like this: You lost about 50% of your gains <=> 0.55 inch, (7.28 - 6.1)/2 which means you are back at the same length as in july-Aug 2003. So you lost 9 months worth of gains in 5 months! That’s tough.

What are your plans now? Will you try to regain the length and run a maintenance schedule or simply let it be?
Would be interesting to know if you would gain much faster this time.


Are we absolutely certain that JAPP is Bib? Thunder, can you verify this?

Originally Posted by Meat Puppet
Are we absolutely certain that JAPP is Bib? Thunder, can you verify this?

Never mind. I discovered in a search that JAPP is not Bib.


I agree with you statements about the ligs needing less blood. I think stretching them more than likely leads so some level of permanent gains. I say “some” because I believe in the future PE experts will have determined that maintanance will be the key to keeping gains. I also dont think it matters how you stretch the ligs as long as they are elongated. I spoke to my doctor about using EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to juice up the ligs to loosen them. He told me there wasnt really enough blood or the correct tissue makeup for providing any good. He told me that even some muscle tissue wont respond to EMS, it really depends on the tissue makeup. He felt that warm heat would provide a much superior atmosphere to stretch the ligs than the EMS would. After I explained my reason why I wanted to know he was very intrigued and we talked quite a bit about the supposed science behind PE.

After doing this for a year and a half myself, I believe that anyone who starts this and thinks in whatever period of time they will have a monster cock and can quit PE forever, is going to be disappointed and probably yelling from the rooftops that PE isnt permanent. People who make it part of their ongoing lifestyle, like excercise and eating right will enjoy their new tool indefinately.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Hello Oden!
Yes I will try to regain the length again and I feel pretty optimistic about getting
back what I lost pretty fast.
I´m starting today by the way.

I´m not sure though how long I want my dick to be.
The last girl I had sex with was hurting a bit when I kept hitting her cervix(with my current size).

Ok, sounds good Peter. Never give up. Good luck!

Although I have set my mind on continuing with some sort of maintenance routine all(?) my sexually active life, I am a bit worried about the fact that you lost so much so fast. I mean it is very likely that one gets into a period of life every once i a while when you just don’t have the energy to focus on these kind of exercises.
Will PE become the same type of struggle as the struggle against over weight? Weight up in fall and winter, and down in spring and summer. Will that mean dick size down in fall and winter and up in spring and summer?
Hopefully not. Perhaps your quick loss is an execption to the rule.


>Never give up<

Never surender.

Stretching the ear?Your stretching it there, buddy.Pun intended.

Peter Forsberg

I was wondering what happen to you sorry about you losing some size I would have thought your girth would have went first. It’s sad to say but I think their is no quitting PE all together than some small maintenance program is needed for life.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Mem is Commander Taggart?!?

Running a Massive Co-Front.


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