I just read some post from some guy who added .25” in length in like a week to his already 1” gain. There is stuff like this all over the place here.

I guess it is if it says so. But I got to tell you how hard it is to read of gains like that and well any gain for that matter when you are busting your ass and I guess dealing with PE as a hard gainer.

It boggles my mind that guys can and have added 2” in length and a lot in girth. Seems to be done with ease and a lot off of the newbie routine, which is cake. Hard to believe every guy out there ain’t doing this and achieving a big dick. I wonder why not if one may be led to believe based on posts that it happens and is not like graduating from MIT. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it’s not hard work but come on there are harder things that we have done or do.

I know I’m venting.