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vein problem?

vein problem?

Hi guys whats up

I have a question for you. I noticed some time ago on the left side of my penis there is a big vein. Its not like the veins all over the penis. I think it is thicker. It is more visible in the erect state, but it is also obvious in the flaccid size. I dont feel any pain or discomfort because of it, it simply is there. Did anyone of you had the same problems. Should I be worried?
By the way the vein is not laying horizontaly to the shaft, but it is laying in the right angle to the shaft.



Yes matt i have two big veins also, one on either side and there much bigger now since i started jelqing.


The veins are normal, and PE does indeed get them to show more. I find some girls really like the veiny look, and not one has said she does not. Enjoy your big vein, the girls will.

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Got a big vein to but i’ve got that vein all my life. Well since Pe ,it has been more visible.

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