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Vein and capillary strengthening

Vein and capillary strengthening

I’ve found the routines which work best with me now and have achieved my desired size goals.. now i’m just working on making sure it remains as strong as possible which minimises injury and unattractive blood spots etc.. And i’m pretty sure the way forward to achieve this is consistency in routine to build up tolerance and making sure the right diet and supplements are taken. To my knowledge the best things for vein and capillary strength are obviously a healthy high fruit and vegtable diet (which supply vitamins and bioflavonoids naturally), and supplement wise vitamin c and bioflavonoids (horse chestnut powder is also a form of bioflavonoid). Is anyone in the same boat as me or perhaps could share some of their pearls of wisdom on this subject? Thanks alot


I tend to think along the lines that a well functioning penis is one with the absolute best blood flow meaning no artery restrictions or hardness. In order to achieve this, I suggest a heart healthy diet, because the diet the keeps the arteries to your heart open, also keeps the arteries to your penis open.

So things like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, leans meats and fish and high fiber. Also use good fats like olive oil and avoid saturated fats and trans fats.

The heart healthy regime also includes weight control and exercise and no smoking.

And fish oil.

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