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Thats right - vaginal enlargement.

A lot of people voice their concerns about going to big, but I think woman can get bigger just like us. If you are growing then the girl you’re with regularly should stretch over time to accomadate your size. If you don’t believe girls can stretch you need to do a little porn search on Kazaa. There are a couple vids on there where girls take dildos with huge girth and they ride 8+ inches deep. My belief is that if you’re big, but you can get it in her then shes going to be practicing VE.

my girlfriend was relatively new to sex when we started going out

her only previous boyfriend was uncaring and forceful…. he also had a rather small apendage (I say “rather small” because I am a nice person)

But now she is used to me she said to me the other day
“I used to find it difficult to put in tampons, but now Im used to you, it’s easy!”

It was slightly amusing, but then again scary at the same time to think that no matter how big a thing you’ve got to put up there, sooner or later it will just be ‘normal’ :(


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