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I apologize if this is beating a dead horse (with all due respect to Horse)

But If I go and get a vasectomy, will I have to lay off PE (Jelqing and stretching and PM) for a while? How much time?

Anyone with experience?


Did the pain killers help or did you still feel kicked with the meds?

And you only needed 1 week of PE?

Hmm, I wasn’t a pe-er when I got mine, I iced it down (just had to use a tiny ice cube) for 48 hours.

For about 3 days after the initial 48 hours, it felt like a low grade groin pull, in my humble opinion, I would be very careful for a few weeks.

cead mile failte :lep:

Maybe I should have emphasized it more, but it was very light jelqs after about a week. Then like Sixer said, about 2-2½ weeks it was back to hanging for me. I didn’t do pain killers. Advil for about 2-3 days is all. Mine was a single cut vasectomy in the sac and moving the tubes around inside to cut them.


Lots of good info out here on that subject, you might want to start with this PE and Vasectomy

And then if you need more, use the search button and type in vasectomy.

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When I had a vasectomy I didn’t do PE for a month beforehand. I didn’t want any concerns that evidence(spots, discoloring, etc) of PE might raise. I didn’t experience anything but minor discomfort for a few days along with some bruising in the scrotum.

I didn’t PE for a few weeks afterwards just to be sure.

Thanks for all the thoughful replies. I think the next time I see my doctor, I may sign up for one.

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