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Variation on an Erect Bend?

Variation on an Erect Bend?

I’m guessing that this bend has already been written up, but I haven’t found it yet. This is a little tricky to describe, so please bear with me.

First a disclaimer - this can be dangerous!! Do not try this if you have any doubts.

I start with about 80% wood, grab the glans and push straight down. With just the right amount of engorgement, my dick forms a sharp angled bend right at the fat pad. With too little engorgement, my dick just bends with no sharp angle. With too much engorgment, I can’t bend it. Once the sharp angle is established, it acts like a valve to keep the blood from rushing back out. Now I push the end of my dick back towards my body like I’m trying to shove my erection back up into my body and then the sharp fold starts rolling along the length of my dick until it reaches the glans. Since the fold is acting as a valve, the trapped blood gets compressed more and more as the fold travels towards the glans. The pressure that builds up can easily be controlled with just a little practice. The amount of pressure you can build is amazing and that’s where it gets dangerous. It’s easy to get carried away and go for too much pressure and then you get many red dots on your shaft. Work into this one gently. For me, at first, the fold didn’t want to travel smoothly, but after a couple of days, it worked like a champ. The texture of my shaft has improved since using this bend and I feel like the shaft is more uniform and smooth.

I came up with this because full erect bends scare me. Using this technique, the dick is already fully bent under controlled conditions. Seems to me that full erect bends have the potential to suddenly rupture things and it’s hard to know exactly when that’s going to happen when adding more pressure.

I also like this technique, because I don’t get red dots all over my glans since I’m squeezing the glans the whole time. That’s been a problem for me when creating enough pressure using other techniques. I’m sure it’s just that I’m not careful enough, but with this one, it’s a no-brainer.

I’d appreciate comments, especially if this is old news.

By the way, I’d just like to thank all of you, and especially Thunder, for a great place. Having a bigger unit has changed my self esteem and it wouldn’t have happened without all the knowledge, wisdom and inspriation here at Thunder’s. I joined a year ago, but didn’t really get into it until the last 3 months. This stuff really works. My wife was handling my unit the other day and said “This thing has gotten bigger, what have you been feeding it?”. I just had to grin.

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I tried it

Titan, I tried your bend, and it was interesting. I just did it a couple minutes, but my cock had an ache for 2 hours after. Do you think this is best for a girth exercise, or for head increase? I’m concentrating on length right now, but I’m also doing squeezes and ulis. Nice innovation, at least I never heard of it before.

Titan I have been using your bends for two days and it gives me a great worked aching feel, but I can’t say the blood pressure is as you described. It doesn’t feel like an intense blood pressure building up as the bend rolls up to the head. The pressure seems to be only where the bend is. As it rolls up and down the pressure travels with it, but only in the crease.

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dk75 - definitely works mostly for girth, but also adds some length. I had to stop using this bend recently because the wife started complaining about too much girth around the head (gets in the way of a good sucking). While doing the bend, I tried to make sure the glans didn’t get a work out by pushing my palm against the glans while bending. My glans are on the large side and I wan’t girth to be uniform through the entire length.

Gottagrow - you may be right about the blood pressure. The image I had in my head was to pressurize the two main chambers to the max since they comprise most of the shaft and probably would provide most of any gains available. I always start the fold at the base and concentrate on trapping the blood in the chambers and then the more I push and make the fold travel, the more pressure I feel in the chamgers. Once I reach the glans, I let go and start the bend at the base again. I could be fooling myself in this image, but the ache I feel afterward is down deep in my dick, right where those chambers are. I make sure not to pressurize the head (the third chamber) because it got bigger too quick, and it’s too easy to produce the dreaded red dots.

Glad to hear you guys have given this thing a go. Keep me posted on your progress with this thing. I made some significant gains this last month and I think it’s from this bend. The only other thing I do is manual stretches.

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Re: Variation on an Erect Bend?

Originally posted by TitanFlex

I'm guessing that this bend has already been written up, but I haven't found it yet…. I'd appreciate comments, especially if this is old news.

Is this similar to the Sadsak Slinky a.k.a. the “DLD Bend?”

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Re: Re: Variation on an Erect Bend?

Originally posted by westla90069
Is this similar to the Sadsak Slinky a.k.a. the “DLD Bend?”

I took a look (excellent movies) and they are not similar. the DLD bends up while my bend is down. Also, the DLD bend needs two hands and both hands must supply quite a strong grip. My bend ony requires one hand and no gripping strength.

If I could figure out my camera, maybe I can create a series of pictures and post it. What am I talking about? I don’t have the guts to post pictures.

I drew a crude picture on this thread Too much head? that shows the basics

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