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Vacu-hanger causing UT Infections

Vacu-hanger causing UT Infections

Hey guys,

I’ve been using the Vacu-Hanger by Monkeybar for quite some time now and have been very pleased. However I think I might have made a big mistake.

I rarely, if ever, properly cleaned and disinfected it after use. Sure, I cleaned my penis before inserting it in there, and would wipe it out if there was fluids in there, but I never REALLY cleaned it.

Well, a few days ago, I started having a clear discharge from my penis. No itching or anything, just a clear discharge, kind of like you will have a little urine left on your cock after you take a leak, only that the fluid should I describe it; it was more, shiny than just regular urine.

I went to see a urologist, he said that it’s very possible, that the Vachanger was the cause, since I’ve been with the same female for almost a year now, and I am quite sure that she hasn’t cheated.

Has anybody had this type of problem?

Never had that problem but I clean mine every night with antibacterial hand soap and boil the silicone parts every 3-4 days. Considering how many hours its worn and the fact that silicone dosent breathe I would condider it a minnimum. Thanks for posting this. Hopefully it will help someone else from having the same problem.

Good luck!

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