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Using the Vacu-Hanger with a Hand Vacuum Pump?

Using the Vacu-Hanger with a Hand Vacuum Pump?

I purchased the Vacu-Hanger about a week ago and although I love it the only problem is it is very hard to create a good seal/vacuum for me with higher weights. Other people who own this device may have a easier time depending on thier head girth size (mine in flaccid is on the smaller end). But my question is if one wanted too could they purchase a HVP (Hand Vacuum Pump, like the Max-Vac one) and then attach the tube on it to the vacuum hole on the Vacu-Hanger cylinder somehow to create a nice vacuum this way for hanging? Would the HVP have to stay attached to the Vacu-Hanger for hanging?

I have been hanging with clamp/vise style hangers for a while now and can hang up to 7.5 pounds easily with the way the Vacu-Hanger instruction page tells me too but when I tested 10, 12.5, and 15 pounds for the Vacu-Hanger I could barely keep the hanger on and half the time the seal/vacuum would be broken which I theorize because the vacuum I’m trying to create is not high enough to support the weight. I would think if somehow we purchased a cheap ($20) little HVP like the one I linked to below we could create a much stronger vacuum much easier for the Vacu-Hanger easier allowing heavier weights to be hung much easier. Anyone have any insights here? Should I buy a HVP to test my idea or would it be a waste of time and money? Anyone who has used both the Max-Vac and Vacu-Hanger like Big Girtha I would think would know something about this…

Link to cheap HVP:…t_mdl_cd=78-610

BTW I don’t intend to hang high amounts of weight yet with the Vacu-Hanger but I just wanted to prepare for the future if and when the time comes that I do need to step up to those weights, so I got a lot of expiermentation done already. Right now I’m just conditioning my dick and using the Vacu-Hanger for long periods of time with 5 pounds and I will continue to hang this way for a while and slowly increasing the weight every couple of weeks or when my dick feels like it could last all day with the same amount of weight I had been hanging.

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