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Using the Stretcher Contraption

Zekeman I am very interested in the stretcher device u have shown in the pics, it seems logical that a stretcher is more advantagous than manual stretching since time length is longer and its not so hard on the hands and can adjust pressure accordingly, can u give me more info on your stretcher, where to buy one and how much it costs?


Info on the stretcher

Hi Piky,

There’s a big thread in the “Main Member” forum titled “New Stretcher Contraption” that explains everything.

I’ll try to put a direct link here (hope it works):

New Stretcher Contraption

Unfortunately, you can’t buy one like mine — you have to make one. I’ve been trying to interest Bib (or somebody) in producing some stretchers and selling them — if you put a message in that thread saying you’d like to buy one, maybe somebody will start making and selling them (I really can’t find the time to do it, even though I’d like to).

The closest you can get commercially, that I know of, is the PeniStretcher — there’s a link to that in the Main Member forum thread — but it’s very expensive.


Hey Zekeman thanks for the link and info, thinking about this stretcher brings up another question, is there much difference between hanging and the stretcher? I’m assuming both is stretching the ligs in the penis.

I saw that penistretcher thing….$349! I think if I were to get one i’d prolly get a bib hanger that’s so much cheaper!

Stretcher questions

Piky, I moved your questions and Zeke’s reply to this new thread. Guys, please put in some effort at posting in the appropriate forums. It will make life soooooooooo much easier for all of the others on the forum. It will also set a precedent for the new guys to follow.

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Stretcher compared to Hanging?

Hi Piky,

Originally posted by piky77
Hey Zekeman thanks for the link and info, thinking about this stretcher brings up another question, is there much difference between hanging and the stretcher? I’m assuming both is stretching the ligs in the penis.

Well, I’ve never done any hanging — I just started out by building and using the stretcher. So, I look forward to some input by some of the guys using both methods. Anyway, I’ll make some comments on what I suppose are some differences.

I remember that dfb70uk said this:

> With weights I got a lot of stress on the abdomen
> which worryed me, I don’t get that with the stetcher.

The stretcher concentrates the pull on the penis and pushes against the base, so there’s no stress on the abdomen at all.

As far as stretching the ligs, I’ve noticed that I can vary the amount of pull on the ligs by changing the angle that I set the stretcher at. Sort of like hanging at different angles, I guess.

I get a very good ligament stretch when it’s pointed straight out, or at a slight upward angle. Usually, I’ll tighten it up, and push down against the ligament (with my fingers) while it’s under tension. You can actually feel how much tension it’s under.

One thing that you can do with the stretcher — that must be very hard with a hanger — is to point it straight up (toward your face). Then, you tighten it way up. In this position, the ligament has to go “around” the base of the stretcher, and you get a different type of pull on it than you do when the stretcher is pointed straighter out away from your body. In fact, in this position, the top of the base of the stretcher is actually pressing down against the ligament.

One thing you can’t do with the stretcher — at least not easily — is to tell exactly how much tension you’re applying. With the hanger, you know the weight. To me, this doesn’t matter, since I go for more by feel rather than the amount of weight. Also, I’ve gotten so I know about where on the posts I had it attached the previous times, so I know roughly if I’m stretching as much or less than previously — the amount I can “take” does vary.

However — with the stretcher, the distance “up the poles” varies depending on where you clamp the sticks (or your Bib Hanger, depending on your design).

I suppose you could fairly easily “calibrate” the feel and get sort of close to how much tension you’re applying with the stretcher by comparing the feel to a known amount of weight — but, as I said, this isn’t too important to me.

Heck, I can imagine a couple of ways you could hook up a scale or a gauge that could be used to directly measure the tension force of the stretcher, if you wanted to go to that amount of trouble.


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Hey Zekeman thanks so much for the detailed reply, I will definitely do more research on the stretcher and hanger and when I move on to advance PE I will decide which one to get :)

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