Using the Power Jelq for girth

Here’s my situation, I met a new girlfriend that rocks my world she’s small and tight, a dream come true. In certain positions my length of 8.5bp is a problem so going for any additional length is out of the question. Now I’m sure she wouldn’t complain about extra girth :)

I already have a Power Jelq and did some experimenting and think I found a technique that works and I wanted to share and also see if others have tried this.

1st of all I’m cut so this probably wouldn’t be the same for un-cut.

I start with the PJ at the base and instead of doing the one hand pull., I use it more to pull it out to it’s natural full stretched length, with tension what I do is pull the skin between the PJ and the base towards the base, as I’m doing this the PJ will roll towards the head, not so much from the pulling action but from the pulling of the skin. When you get to the head in this technique there is no extra bunched skin at the head.

The pulling here is more for tension not for stretching. The squeezing between the rollers still gives a great girth pump which is what I want.

I spent about an hour tonight and I am good and sore without the normal stretching using the PJ in the normal way.

Any comments?

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