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Using Isopropanol


Using Isopropanol

Has anyone tried to use Isopropanol, Isopropyl Alcohol, or Rubbing Alcohol (all the same) on their Penis? Glans?

I was thinking of giving it a try.

Perhaps it might be good for peeling?

Perhaps it could harden the skin quicker? (Like forming a callus?)

I was thinking that it might burn a lot because, if you’ve ever got any cologne down there, it stings. But, then I think that is usually the scrotum.

Fire breathers say that they use urine to make their skin harder, but then that can’t really be true because then we would have already toughened cocks and PE would be easier.



I’m not rubbing Alcohol on my dick I can only imagine if it gets on your balls it will not be pleasant:)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

My balls gave up drinking back in ‘85.

LOL! Now if you could just get them to stop smoking.

Actually, I was thinking more of wiping the glans and shaft after a workout, or in the place of a chemical peel.

If you soak your finger, hand, or whatever, in alcohol it begins to peel away the top layer of dead skin after a few days.

I think using the alcohol may be less painful than a chemical peel.

Why would you want to or need to use anything on your glans?

What is your goal? To harden your skin? Why would you want to harden your penis skin?

Isopropanol removes natural oils from your skin.

Horny Bastard

He’s probably thinking along the lines of removing discoloration from PE instead of using salicylic acid.

Exactly, for removal of discoloration.

I found that, on my hand, when the skin started to peel off, it was absolutely painless. Not like a sunburn, or anything. Just skin flaking off, leaving new skin underneath.

Toughening the skin on the glans, I never really thought of that, but it may help in doing some of the PE.

Putting Isopropyl Alcohol on your penis burns like a sonofabitch! Even at a 50% solution. It’s highly unlikely that you will be able to tolerate it long enough to realize any of the chemical peel benefits.

I wipe my dick with 70% isopropyl alcohol prep pad every day to prevent smegma build-up.

Burning sensation is barely noticeable.

Does it helps with peeling? I do not know.

A thought about smegma:

Yes it is good to be clean.

I think in the west though, some are getting carried away though.

Eg. Some kids wash their faces too much. The more they wash the more sebum(oil) production is promoted, thereby causing more zits.

I remember my sister used to wash multiple times a day with soaps and noxema, etc. And she was like a pizza. So, was I. When I was unable to wash my face so much (work overseas) I did break out for a while, because the body had gotten used to the amount of sebum to produce. After a while, the body realized that it was too much and pulled back on sebum production. The zits went away.

Now, I could have just been growing out of that stage. But, I recommended the experiment to some other people, and the same result. The body eventually stopped overproducing sebum.

Now, on to smegma.
In the West we are so conditioned to cut cocks and natural ones being dirty that the minds have become clouded. I see mothers who have natural sons pulling back the skin as infants to clean them. I think this is nonsense. Smegma production begins shortly after puberty. The foreskin is attached to glans and doesn’t begin to come loose (naturally) until puberty. I remember I was still attached at 12. I remember some of my cut friends had “adhesions” on their glans, that also came loose after puberty. Some don’t come loose until well after.

I don’t produce much smegma. But, I’m willing to bet that over cleaning can cause the body to react “Oh not, there are not enough oils,” and begin to produce smegma like crazy.

Same goes true with women. In the 80s and 90s I remember the douche commercials. Women in the USA have over douched to the point that the body starts to produce more and more “cheese” and cause them to smell bad. A healthy pussy never smells bad (and tastes great on a cracker!).

Enough of my rant!

Kol-Tun (btw, I’m not knocking you, just the society. Even I’m guilty. I just assuming that you are natural, but I could be wrong. Plus all of us have their own regimens of cleaning, combing, etc.)
On a serious note : Kol-Tun, when you started using the isopropanol, how was it? Did it take a long time to adapt?

Ok, I tried it.

Mind you I am “natural” and have a very sensitive glans. I can not go two seconds with it exposed.

The isopropanol didn’t feel like anything but water.

However, keep it away from your scrotum.

This was a 99% solution and was wiped off the glans before covering up.

I am willing to bet that it would really sting the foreskin too.

I use isopropyl alcohol on my shaft after plucking hairs there to help prevent ingrowns and infected follicles (the alcohol both disinfects and helps to peel away the skin a tiny bit). It stings, yeah, but it’s not a big deal.

Oh, and I dissolve some acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) in the alcohol to boost the peeling power. I believe the overpriced brand-name product “Tend Skin” is a combo of alcohol and aspirin.

I’ve only checked the thread now.
It would have been exactly my answer :

Originally Posted by phantasm

Mind you I am “natural” and have a very sensitive glans. I can not go two seconds with it exposed.

The isopropanol didn’t feel like anything but water.

However, keep it away from your scrotum.


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