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Using Condoms as a measuring stick

Using Condoms as a measuring stick

I was wondering if the length of the condom on your dick is a good indicator of size.

Why ask this question?

Okay, recently I have been getting inconsistent measurements: one day I’ll be 9 NBP (or more)-if I use a tailor’s tape and lay it on my downward curve while holding the base at 90 degrees and others 8.75 NBP when using a ruler and forcing my whole dick straight, and when I’m really hard with a condom on about to lay it into my gf, the 8” XL Magnum comes up more than an inch short.

I know its picking at incidentals, but I’m trying a new routine and was hoping I was getting some results.

BTW, I have stopped BP measurements because everytime I do it’s 0.5 more inches to my NBP and my fat is small and has not changed.

I guess what I’m really asking is fair to say tape measure along curves or condoms a fair alternative to ruler measurement (of course I ask this because my bigger gains come from the previous and not the latter).


If you use the same kind of condom to measure, you will be being consistent. But, if your base grows wider, the same kind of condom isn’t going to roll down as far without your forcing it, then it will probably roll back uphill. So much for that measuring tool.

Better to be consistent using your ruler or tape, or both.



Wow so jealous the 8inch magnum xl comes up more than an inch short.

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