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Using bandages?

Using bandages?

Hey guys,

I’d like to know if it’s good to use a kind of bandage around my dick all day. I find it a lot longer when I band it and make a little knot… The shape is kind of weird, but I think it’s making a sort of constant stretching…



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What tps wrote, you will find ways of wrapping that get rid of that nasty knot as well. Also check out ADS (all day stretching)

The tutorials forum will get you started on both.

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What do you mean, just like wrapping with a big bandage all day?

Originally Posted by tps
Bandages? We don’t need no stinkin’ bandages. Sorry, Bogart movie quote.

Also Blazing Saddles.

“Badges!…..We don’ need no stinkin’ badges!”

Search for “TheraP”, “wrist wraps”, “traction wrapping” and “wrapping for passive pe”.

There are some informative threads on the subject.

regards, mgus

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