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Using adhesive tape?

Using adhesive tape?

Is it safe using adhesive tape to pull my dick? I know it wont harm my dick in any way, but what about about my skin? And I plan on using adhesive tape on the sides of my dick and “building” some sort of ADS, so that means the tape will be atached to my dick`s skin for several hours a day . I used it this morning for a few minutes and it cand give a good stretch, especially if I pull downward I feel the pull in my ligs. Any thoughts anyone?

Why not just invest the $2 or so and build an ADS that doesn’t require tape on you dick? Thera wrap or even a cut up swim cap and you are good to go.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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Using tape you’ll end up with more foreskin and no length gains. You have to clamp the penis and put it under traction. Pulling only skin will not make your dick grow. There are several types of devices you can make yourself:

Homemade Hanger Models and Instructions

Nick666, if you use adhesive tape you should stick it only to your penis head, otherwise it would mainly pull on skin not the entire penis (as westla already said…), that makes it a bit difficult to handle…

If you want to try it anyway, I would suggest you to take medical adhesive tapes, with those you may not get bad skin reactions in prolonged use.



I use paper tape on my head when I use a vacuum attachment to hang 8 lbs. I take it off with baby oil and I’ve never had a problem

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