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Use the force?

Use the force?

How hard should we be pulling in manual tunica stretches? I have asked the question before and nobody could give a sufficient answer because what is hard to one guy is weak to another and there is no way to measure how hard you are pulling to compare.

Do any of you stretch the tunica using just one hand to pull at a time, or do you use both hands to pull? If some of you are pulling with just one hand at a time and you are seeing good length gains, let me know.

I remember in Gandolf’s stretching vid clip, he was pulling firmly but with only one hand. I don’t know if he was just doing a weaker pull than usual because it was only a demonstration of how to grip and pull.

Recently I have been using it as a gage on how hard to pull by pulling with one hand as forcfully as is possible without having to get aggressive in the pull. Then keeping that force applied and adding the other hand to maintain that same force with more ease. I just don’t know if that is hard enough.

Another way to help understand how hard to pull would be to guess how many times harder you are pulling for tunica stretches than you do during jelqing.

To tell me to just pull quite hard is not good enough. I am extremely strong and can injure myself very easily if I start to get truly forceful. So I need to be able to gage how hard is just right because what is hard for some is weak for a select few.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

I usually find that skin stretch pain develops at the grip point way before strength is anywhere near limit. I don’t have any way of measuring the force, but I’d guess around 40-50lbs(?)


I made all my gains with tunica stretching. I would stretch with one hand, and I would alternate each time.
By alternating, I think you give an even stretch for each side - so your penis won’t look twisted to one side.

I think the biggest thing is to pull at the right angle. I started with a low LOT, and I hit 11 and 12 o’clock with my stretching.

As far as how hard to pull - that is something you have to figure out for yourself. You don’t want to risk injury but on the same token,
you want you feel a good stretch. Maybe pull as hard as you can, but let off on the tension and use that as your base.



How in the world did you manage to get your LOT up so high from manual stretching, what type of stretching techniques did this for you? I have a fairly low LOT myself at about 7:00 or 7:30 and am interested in raising it. I wouldn’t have thought this possible, but what do I know?


The Tunica sheath is thinnest at the bottom of the penis and thickest at the top, so I could see how you might develop an upward curve if you tried, but I have no idea about the ligs.

Thinking about it, that might be a way to assess gains as an alternative to the ruler - zig zig every few weeks/months up then down bends.

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