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Upward Angle

Upward Angle

Having a slight to moderate curving upward is good. Or, it is excellent to have one I must say. Though my tiny girth at 4.5” I hit the most important areas thanks to my curving. PEing does straighten out your dick I think more than me has experienced that. If you for example tunica stretch you stretch your dick straight out. My dick has gone from moderate to very slight curvation (thanks to my length gains) :) … I heard DLD had created an upward angle with PEing and I guess this is made when you stretch your CS more than your CC’s. That forces the fully engorged dick to curvature upward.

Then, what kind off exercises do we need? Does the V-stretch stress CS more than CC? I guess so. The A-stretch must work opposite then, right?
This is an important thread as all of us has some kind of curved dick, or a straight one… Whatever we have we can design our dicks to what we find is better… Any ideas?

Restarting everything.

The tunica surrounding the corpus spongiosum (CS) is not as tough or strong as the one surrounding the corpora cavernosa (CC) and does not contribute much to the rigidity of the penis when erect. So, doing CS work and making it longer than the CC (if that’s even possible) wouldn’t contribute to an upward curve.

Perhaps attempting to lengthen the CC only on the bottom could help, but how would you do it? Jelqing with two hands, thumbs on top, fingers below with an upward and outward stroke that forces the CC to curve up might do it. This movement would be different than the usual jelq that is essentially straight out along the shaft done with the circle (“OK”) grip.

No you are right westla, though DLD mentioned he had created an upward curve and mine is quite good but I am about to loose it. I guess I value EL/EG gains higher than my upward curve. Anyway I find it interesting creating curves… :)

Restarting everything.

>Perhaps attempting to lengthen the CC only on the bottom could help, but how would you do it?<

Fulcrum hanging or inverse V-stretches. Both target the underside of the shaft.

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