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Update on my post-workout wraps


Update on my post-workout wraps

I just began using the velcro wrap for maintaining post-workout engorgement recently. And, already, I’ve been somewhat erratic about using the wrap; however, I’ve noticed that the benefits carried throughout the next day, and into the day after.

I’m wondering if this holds real promise for some significant flaccid gains. Anybody have any experience/gains from this sort of thing? If so, have the gains been permanent?

- wad

Wad, I stay wrapped almost all the time now, loose enough to be able to pee yet tight enough to keep my battered dick outside the fat-pad to heal. I think this is very productive especially during RIM sleep and nocturnal erections when, from what I understand micro-tears are being most actively repaired. I’ve had really good flaccid gains from healing extended in this way. Only problem is the chaffing from a constant traction wrap can really make your skin sore. About every third night I’ll remove the wrap and Fowfer with a pillow between my legs while sleeping to give skin a break. In a warm bed the pillow Fowfer works pretty well to keep you elongated during RIM sleep, and is probably safer, but not as efficient as the wrap. It is too soon to know if these sudden gains are here to stay, but my flaccid hang seems to stay out more now most of the time, whereas before I seem to always be turtled in for healing, especially after an aggressive workout. I also do other things so I’m not sure all my flaccid gains are from the wraps, but I feel they play a big part.


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When I first made my initial post on using the Homedic TheraP Wrist Strap, it was in response to my sharing this apparatus first with Avocet8 and the success that he had with flaccid gains using it. I’ve had very good flaccid gain results too. You can read his post below. It’s been two years of use for me with some replacements purchased whenever the old ones wear out. The results for me personally are all the proof I need of its longterm effectiveness.


And yes, the gains are very permanent!!!


I posted that over a year ago, so here’s an update.

There’s no question in my mind that the TheraP wrap peforeal discovered does positively influence flaccid size gain. Although I have been a fast erect gainer I was a very slow flaccid gainer – almost no improvement in that for a discouraging amount of time, until I started wrapping.

I started PE at 6.0 x 5.75 and 2.5” FL. My flaccid size is now twice what it used to be, and even on those “bad hang days,” as Dino calls them. On an ordinary day I’m at 6” flaccid (what I used to be erect, pre PE) and on good days 6.5, this measured without the wrap on. Girth is always 5” or above.

We’ve talked a lot about the benefit of putting the wrap on following a PE session so that healing of micro tears occurs in a somewhat larger state. I think for guys who wake up with an erection, it is equally important to put the wrap around that and wear it for a few hours. If you’ve done PE the previous day or even two days before, there is still some healing going on, so take advantage of prolonging some of the engorgement of your morning wood even if that means you have to wear the wrap to work. All this wrap time adds up. (And think how you will increase morale among the secretarial staff.)

I’ve always been a confident person, even at 2.5 flaccid. However, hanging heavy after decades of not being a shower has sure boosted my ego and for that I thank my friend peforeal who first gave me the tip.



Which method of wrapping seems to work the best? Around testicles and shaft or just the shaft? Or are they equally effective?

I wrap both shaft and testicles. Feels much more comfortable to me and I find that doing that holds engorgement longer. Also, there is a certain pleasurable feeling attached to having it on. Sort of stimulating, I think.



Wow, thanks for the responses - and the obvious encouragement. I suspected that “something was happening” when I wore the wrap. It was odd to keep so much glans engorgement for so long - and it felt good.

Like I said, just from a few sessions I noticed an inflation that lasted a couple days each time.

So, you guys would agree that the gains are definitely *permanent*??


Originally Posted by avocet8
I wrap both shaft and testicles. Feels much more comfortable to me and I find that doing that holds engorgement longer. Also, there is a certain pleasurable feeling attached to having it on. Sort of stimulating, I think.

Can’t dismiss the bulge factor either. I am finding out now just how shallow some women can be.LOL…
The Thera-P wrap is awesome. Use it and use it often.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
So, you guys would agree that the gains are definitely *permanent*??


They have been for me whether I’ve worn the wrap recently or not. Even after getting to the 8” mark erect, my flaccid was still 2.5 - 3”. It took me months of daily use of the wrap to get the flaccid gains but well worth all that. Now normal hang is between 5 - 6 L with min. 5” girth, often 5.5.

And, as GPains says, you can dismiss the bulge factor, either. A new thing to me in the last year or so and a whole lot of fun.

It’s still a surprise sometimes. I’ll be shaving and thinking about my work or whatever, see it in the mirror. Holy shit, is that _me_?? :-)



You’re gonna laugh but I think the bulge factor is a fun thing as well. I’ve been wrapping with the TheraP wrap sine Feb 1. and I’ve noticed a huge difference in recovery time, plus I like the engorged feeling I get when I have it on. Like Avocet8 said, it’s kinda stimulating.

Good example, on Feb 13th (Friday the 13th no less), I did my PE routine in the shower, wrapped it, got dressed and hit the clubs with my girlfriend. Anyways, by about 10 PM, We’ve got a good buzz going and while we’re on the dance floor she decides to rub her hand on my crotch. Needless to say the bulge surprised her, she got that “I want that cock now!!!” look and needless to say we left to go back to my place. It was funny, I almost forgot I had it on and had to excuse myslef to the restroom to take it off.

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is it really a good idea to leave the wrap on until the next day?

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Where can you get the TheraP wrap? I am also guessing that it is a wrist wrap or something and you just convert it?

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Originally Posted by PeeFright

Where can you get the TheraP wrap? I am also guessing that it is a wrist wrap or something and you just convert it?

Got mine at Wal-Mart, in the pharmacy/band-aid/heating pad section. Look for “Homedics.” They have a whole line of different shit. The wrap was quite cheap, too.

I`ve been using an ADS like “lil” in his tutorial, but I have to wrap pretty tight for the theraband to get a grip on the dick and not be pulled of when attaching the belt, this also effects the circulation so I`m worried using it troughout the day. Is wrapping perhaps just as good as ADS? Any opinions on that? Does wrapping give only flaccid gains, while ADS might as well give erect gains as well?


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