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Unimaginable Girth


Unimaginable Girth

Whenever I read posts from people who have achieved 6”-7” of girth, I’m amazed. I couldn’t even imagine my cock getting that thick. Is it something that you notice it happening right away, or do you one day wake up and notice, “Damn, my shit is thick!”

It seems like it takes way more than simple jelqs, squeezes, and clamping to get that far along in girth. At least for me anyway. It’s hard to resist wanting to train all the time just to keep that “big” feeling, but I know a cock needs some rest eventually.

For those of you who started at sub-5” girth and have hit and broke the 6” girth mark and beyond, what would you say would be the main thing that got you there?

I mean, if I squeezed any harder, I’d hurt myself. My girth gains come very slowly. What routine did you use that got you over the hump??

Lurk, I know what you mean, it seems crazy to gain over 1.5” of girth but I hope one day to do it. Big girtha gained loads of girth in a short period of time. He started at 4.5 and is got to 6”. Here is how he did it.


Damn. Thanks for linking that post, Melvin.

It’s always when I’m wondering why my gains are so slow that I read someone else’s PE story and realize that I’m STILL not working my dick ENOUGH.

Does one really have to PE for 2 - 4 hours a day, every day, to make gains?? It’s kind of disheartening since I don’t really have that kind of time and my dick can’t really take THAT much working out.

I’ve tried the less is more thing and that doesn’t work for me. Perhaps more IS more, but when I really push it my dick just gets stiff and retracts while flaccid. Some days are better than others. Sometimes I have an actual penis hanging between my legs, and some days the shrinkage makes it look pathetic (especially since I’m a big guy physically).

My cock looks great after a good jelq/squeeze session. It actually looks big… but it doesn’t “stick”. After a little while it just deflates back to mediocre. Sometimes I almost wanna jelq again just to keep that fat flaccid look.

Lurk, I know what you mean, but understand there are way too many factors that go into it. Just keep at it, find out what weorks for you, and stick with it. I view PE as a marathon, not a sprint. A lifestyle, if you will.

As an example, I am an ectomorph, meaning I am tall and thin. It takes forever for me to gain muscle at the gym, yet I see others who don’t seem to work hard at all, and show results much faster and much more proportionately than I. Frustrating, yet I keep working out.

In PE terms, there are people who gain quickly with seemingly little effort, yet others gain quickly but bust their ass 4-5 hours every day. Conversely, others bust their ass and are very slow growers.

I have been PEing for many years, and it has taken me a long time to cement 6+ girth, so don’t expect it overnight. Work smart, not always hard. Try different things and find out what works for you.

We are all very different and respond to stimuli differently. So is the nature of being human.


Reading BG’s post, one thing really struck me, the 1000 wet jelqs.

Man, that’s a lot of jelqing in one session.

All things considered, I’d submit that alone would produce some girth gains on even the most stubborn of units.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Yeah… I used to do around 700 wet jelqs a session, with bends and squeezes. Then I got bored and switched to an Extreme Ulies-only routine.

There’s no way I expect gains overnight… but it’s been a few years now and I haven’t even gained a full inch in either dimension. I’ve gained some, but nothing major. I’m always trying to find the right combination of exercises that will “unlock my potential”, but I guess I’ll have to keep looking.

I think some dicks are more prone to girth gains than others. I started with the same size as Big Girtha, 4.5 girth, and I got mine up to 5.4 in almost a year. But I had basically no length gains at all. I jelqed for 6 months every day except if it felt sore I would skip a day. Dick was almost always 80 - 90% erect, and the jelqs were kind of slow but very tight squeezes. Sometimes during a jelq session, right after 3 or 4 minutes, my shaft and glans would just instantly expand, while other times it wouldn’t be very responsive to the jelqing at all. Very inconsistent but the results were definitely showing especially when flaccid. I also do not know how many jelqs I did in each session but they were almost always 25 - 30 minutes long so I’d guess at least 500 a session.

But of course I got lazy and stopped PEing at one point but when I got back I went back to jelqing again but also added ULIs (OUCH). I only did girth twice a week though at that point. The sad part is that after I got back to PEing, for the most part I was trying to concentrate on length and stretches since I hadn’t made any length gains before I stopped PE, and I was doing more stretching than anything yet I was still only fucking gaining girth! I think somehow when I was doing the stretches, I must have been doing some squeezing by accident too, because directly after finishing a stretch routine, my cock rarely seemed like it was longer or hanging lower, but the glans was ALWAYS thicker, usually the shaft too. It made no sense at all but that’s just how it worked for me.

Now my girth is around 5.1 - 5.2 inches (maybe because I hardly do girth at all anymore), but at least now I’m seeing gradual length gains.

Originally Posted by LurkMeat
For those of you who started at sub-5” girth and have hit and broke the 6” girth mark and beyond, what would you say would be the main thing that got you there?


For me, it’s definitely been RESPONSIBLE PUMPING over a long period of time in combination with dryjelqing at 80% erect or so. The girth gains are permanent, even when I take breaks for 2-3 weeks while on vacations. I’m largest at the base and gradually taper toward the glans. I pump now to try to even out the girth from the base up. The process is slow but working, and I’m a patient man when it comes to making my dick bigger.


Forum Guidelines PAST: 5.25"L x 4.75"G (base),EBP (January 2001) / PRESENT: 7.50"L x 7.00G (base),EBP It doesn't happen overnight! Commitment! Focus! Patience!/ Main Routine = Pumping/Jelqing/clamping + Homedic TheraP or ACE Wrap TheraP or ACE Wrap

You guys who has gained a lot of girth. Do you recommend girthworks every other day or more? Sure, everyone is different. But most biggainers in my knowledge has worked more than just every other day….

Restarting everything.


My girth gains have been around 6.5 midshaft and 7” around the base. I attribute this to the powerjelq that I’ve been using for 5 months in an almost flaccid to semi-erect state. I use the powerjelq for 20 minutes every other day. I just need some length. Length is impossible for me :(


Alex, find your LOT. I have a very low LOT and now am pulling up angles mostly. I am seeing quicker length gains, and I am a VERY slow gainer.


AlexW -

So you’ve been gaining girth by PowerJelqing in an almost flaccid state?? How could that possibly work? I thought you needed blood in the penis to work with… at least a little more than being “semi-erect”. Please elaborate on this.

Originally Posted by AlexW
I just need some length. Length is impossible for me :(

Have you tried hanging?

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

Great majority of my girth gains as numbers came from CS development (regarding shaft), so the visual change as it appears to me, when looking down, isn’t that shocking.

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

Originally Posted by LurkMeat
AlexW -

So you’ve been gaining girth by PowerJelqing in an almost flaccid state?? How could that possibly work? I thought you needed blood in the penis to work with… at least a little more than being “semi-erect”. Please elaborate on this.

Hey Lurk,

Read this post: How to Jelq


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