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Uneven growth of CC

Uneven growth of CC

So I started with the dreaded baseball bat shape but it’s become more pronounced as I’ve PE’d, and have tried to avoid it with shorter jelqs, especially as an even 6” girth is my main aim.

I’ve observed:
My penis (like many) is not symetrical, mainly due to the right CC being larger than the left slightly.
So can all those out ther please answer these questions:

1. Did you ever notice uneven expansion between your CCs?

2. How do you think you developed this en-even growth?

3. Was this ever rectified by and exercises?

4. How did you deal with a baseball bat shape WITHOUT using hanging?

5. Does masturbation affect gains? (JUST KIDDING- WESTLA, PUT THE KNIFE DOWN)

Thanks for helping everyone.


Sounds like you are applying more pressure to one side than the other. Some of us have had the same experience with clamping using the cable clamps. Uneven clamping or clamping the same direction each time applies more pressure/expansion to certain areas than others. If you don’t rotate the clamp you end up with uneven expansion/growth. Examine your technique and ensure that equal pressure is applied to both sides. You might even consider attacking the smaller side more until it evens.


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If you want to target a chamber of the CC, you can clamp off, and do a slight bend to either the right or left side to target the said chamber.

Thanks Marty and Phil,
Targeting meaning bending away from the targeted CC? I’m pretty sure I know what you mean, as I have been doing that for a while now.

Another thing to consider is that I think the “deep dorsal vein” returning blood from the left CC was the injured one, and possibly this has caused an uneven rest time effect. Another reason for using warming up techniques!

In the first place, our bodies are not even symmetrical. Our hairlines & patterns differ from one side of our head to the other, and so do the muscles and girths of our various limbs. In all seriousness, my right delt & right arm was always bigger than the left (even when I hit the iron very hard), but my left pec was always larger than the right. HOWEVER, when it came to my legs, the opposite was true: the left was dominant (thicker & stronger).

And when I was really into weight training, I would carefully study the pics of the top bodybuilders and they also displayed some asymmetrical proportions.

Regarding our units….I think the most common curve is to the left. PROBABLY because the vast majority of guys are right-handed. We tend to jerk with the right hand, and tuck it away (after urinating) with the right hand; for me, this tended to lay it towards my left leg. If your penis is constantly down to the left, over many years and many uncomfortable erections confined in your pants, I think the curve develops that way.

I’m left handed and I’ve developed a curve to my right. I find it very unattractive, but with a rock hard erection it straightens up.

Ditto!! I am doing erect bends to try and cut the curve down so much!

A newbie has returned for a second attempt.

Goals to be posted soon.

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