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Uncut Stretching Troubles

Uncut Stretching Troubles

Hey guys! Since day 1, I’ve been focusing on girth. But I’m about frustrated out of my mind with a total gain of 1/8”. So I’m going to start on length. But when I stretch, my skin gives since I’m uncut. I can’t get a good grip! And I don’t want to put too much pressure behind the glans.. Any ideas?

Not uncut here, but you can try pulling the slack of your skin back and grabbing somewhere behind the head (ahead of the slack you pulled back). Use baby powder to get a better grip. Toilet paper works too. If the area is dry it will be easier to keep a good grip. Regarding putting too much pressure on the glans, I think that kind of varies person to person. Take it easy at first, use some good sense, and see what yours can handle. When I’m doing these totally flaccid, I like to shake it out, kegel, and/or manually pump some blood into the glans immediately afterward.


Originally Posted by thatthickunit
But I’m about frustrated out of my mind with a total gain of 1/8”.

How long have you been doing PE?

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Hey thatthickunit, glad to see that you asked this question. I’ve run into the same thing as my skin is also giving. I’ve tried baby powder already,

On an unrelated matter, it caused irritation and itchy sensation on the underside of the skin, NOT a pleasant feeling. It appeared to have caused

A festering of the skin, it could have been an allergy but I don’t rule it out altogether. And as a result I had to give up sex and masturbation for about a week until it cleared up. The irritation didn’t come immediately but about 3 days into application.

I start my newbie routine May 1st, I have tried stretches and jelqing since reading on Thunder’s Place. One of my concerns is that I don’t want anymore growth on my foreskin or stretchmarks, either of the two would cause me to question continuing further. I think it’s probably easier for cut guys to get results from PEing, but that’s just my guess. I’ll find out for myself this summer. Good luck in your problem solving, keep us posted.


I feel your pain, thatthickunit. I am uncut too and have had many stretching problems. The way to get a good stretch is to pull back your foreskin and grip on the glands just below the head. Your glands will get tougher with time, so just watch how hard you squeeze at first. To get a good grip, I use tolit paper or I just make sure my glands are dry. Be careful of your frenulum when stretching because if you stretch too hard it can tear. Trust me, I know I’ve done it twice and it sets you back and hurts pretty bad too. Good Luck.

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My 2 cents on this, as an uncut guy myself, is that you´ll most probably end up stretching your skin if your foreskin isn´t rolled back. Which probably isn´t desireable due to already having sufficient foreskin. I used to hang lightly with a noose-grip directly around my head. This method has a bad rumour to it but if you hang light (2kg maybe) you should be fine. But lately I am actually using an ordinary balloon to get a grip. Ordinary balloons will do. Work the opening until it´s has softened up and make a roll of it to “unroll” over your head (balloons come in many different sizes). Nice and tight grip. There are some sturdier balloons too, which easily holds 2kg and I have tried up to 5kg. I use this grip on a daily basis as an ADS since 3 weeks now. About 80-90% stretch and change side every day. Totally comfortable, no numbness, no bloodloss and the head is warm and nice. I roll my foreskin over the head in the balloon and I am good! So by now I am doing 6-8hrs of 80% plus stretch. Kegels have a new meaning to me now. You can REALLY feel them in the stretched tissue while comfortably stretched. Even though kegels are a muscle-thing, they sure add micro-stretches to the already stretched unit when it tugs back. Then I do a couple of hours in the evening until I go to bed. Maybe one hour of those consist of 2kg hanging in order to try to get that little extra stretch when everything has surrendered and loosened up due to the entire day of stretch. I actually got up and measured right now and I am balloon-stretched 6.5”. I do not believe in forcing the penis any longer. There is too much danger involved. I now believe in moderate hanging & stretching over an extended period of time. Why? Because there is just NO way one can hurry the cells to divide and adjust to the “new” shape/mold or whatever you are putting it through. One can surely get gains, but I consider them to be “minor serial injuries” rather than solid and healthy gains. So for me, “ballooning” has a new meaning these days :D
I also do some manual clamping and semi-erect bends before going to sleep. I am actually seing some gains, but not sure yet. I will wait a while before measuring. Maybe another month or so. I am hoping to get some girth gains too. Time will tell.

By the way; my glans had become a bit insensitive compared to before PE. By ballooning I have become more senstitive than before. This is probably due to the fact that the balloon kind of sits so tight to the glans and probably “peels” the toughened skin a bit. My GF gave me a BJ the other day and I came rather quickly. She has never managed to do that without manual support to the mouth in 16 years! Wo-haa! A “no-hander” dude

Take care!

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Thanks guys. Interesting responses.

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