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Uncut ANS & ADS?

Uncut ANS & ADS?


Being uncut, I have experienced difficulties with various ADS/ANS-devices. The wrapping slowly slips off, some of my rolled-back foreskin starts to hurt and on it goes. So I thought that maybe the uncut guys who have succeeded in finding a good way to do ANS/ADS could share their knowledge with the rest of us uncut PE´ers?

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Try the suckXtender - ideal for the uncut guy!

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You know, there’s just something not right about taping your foreskin to the cylinder. Then again, there’s just something not right about a man willingly putting his dick in a medevil torture rack. :D But, whatever works. :leftie: :gulp:


I own a Penimaster and have to deal with the same problems. First I wrapped my penis which would keep the foreskin in place but I never got the hold of making a comfortable wrap so I stopped using the PM. After a while I decided to give it another go and tried something new. When I was wrapping before I used to pull my balls along with the foreskin back underneath my ass and sat on them (on something soft of course). This would hold the foreskin in place while applying the wrap. Now I tried to put the PM on without the wrap but sitting on my balls the same way. It worked much better than I would’ve thought. I can now wear the PM for an hour at a time without problems. The trick is to make the foreskin go back as far as possible so it is real tight when you sit down on your balls. If the foreskin is a little loose you can always slide forward some.

Another problem there is with the PM type ADS is that if the upper edge of your glans is close to the penile shaft level, not protruding that is, then the PM can and probably will slide of unless you tighten it very much which in turn isn’t too good. I solve this issue by wearing the PM pointing up. This puts less pressure on the upper edge of the glans.

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