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Uli ???

Uli ???

Can someone explain the ULI and any variation they may have to it.Iv tried to read ULIs description but it just makes no sense.This is what i gathered from the gandof video.

Get a full erection
Kegal more blood in
Hold in blood at base directly after releasing the the PC flex using a reverse OK grip (pinky finger facing away from body )and squeeze for about a second or so.

Am i doing it correct, i thought you have to slide the the O ring up a bit from what i read in another post.

Im on a girth only mission and was thinking of doing a strictly ULI workout, how many ULIs should i do and how long should i hold the squeeze.

Also what do you guys think about his theory that you have to do it am and pm.(twice a day )

I’m on a girth mission also and have been doing the following. First of all I made Stillwantmore’s uli constricor(the cable tie thay you modify so you can release it). I’ll get myself up around 70-90% erect, put the constrictor on snug it up, keggle to 100%, then tighten it as much as I can to hold the blood in. Then I am able to use the reverse OK just above the constrictor to apply an extreme uli squeeze. I like to hold these for a 10-20 second count, then, instead of releasing I do a slow 5-8 second jelq.Do 3-5 of these in a row then follow with bends or squeezes. I also like to use my power jelq this way when my erection drops a bit, it really gives the shaft good expansion. I also do erect bends and horse 440’s with the constrictor on. In between 10 minute sessions(usually 3sessions per workout) I’ll jelq for 5 minutes, then pump for 5 minutes,… of course when you jelq and pump you take the constrictor off. This kind of routine has been working great for me over the last week and a half. I did 5 days on, took the weekend off then continued. Today, after my workout, my pumped up girth was up 1/4” from last week. I had to check 3 times cause I couldn’t believe it!! I didn’t intend on measuring today but I felt thicker than usual so I just wanted to check and it was like OH YEAH!!! I like this! As far as AM and PM goes I would say go with what you feel comfortable with, but be careful, uli routines are intense and it can be easy to overtrain. Maybe do a similar routine to what I’ve described and follow with a jelq session before bed.

My question exactly. I was just going to post something similar to your post. I am on the quest for girth and have just added what I hope to be ULI’s. In between my workout when he subsides to 30% to 50% erect, I do what I hope is correct. I grab the base with an OK sign kegel palm down and pretty tight but I use my whole hand and squeeze up to 5 times. Then I slowly and carefully pull up towards the glands. I get a great pump from this but wonder if I’m doing this correctly I’m just trying to follow ULI’s stretchs instructions from the glossary.


Girth gainers,

I would also appreciate any input on this topic. I’ve come to my goal length and now need to focus more on girth. I’ve jelqed, horse 440’d, and uli’d till i’m blue in the balls but have still gained very little in girth. Some help from the old timers?



Thanks for your input b1nzen48 im sure i can use some of your advice.

I still need someone with experience with ULI to explane to me how its done and if im doing it correctly.Also how many ULI squeezes should i do in one session .

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