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Uli Question...

Uli Question...

I have been pe’ing for some time, and actually feel like a fool. I went back to Uli’s original post for information and inspiration. I had always thought there was a line in it that says, you must be fully erect for these to work. But when i went back, it says the opposite, only 3/4’s erection. Do most people do these erect, or only semi-erect?


If you are fully erect you can’t compress the shaft enough imo. 3/4 seems about right from my experience.


Start with about 3/4’s erection, work the Uli til all most fully erect. Then rest till only about 3/4 erect and start over.

Ulis seem to help me more with girth and I like the short term (day or two) affects of a much more vainer looking cock.

I’ve been a slow gainer over the last year or so, being more of a on again off again type. But made a big gain in Flaccid Girth

At the start of this year thanks to Ulis.


As to the degree of erection for doing ULIs - In Peit’s video demonstration of the ULI, he appears to have a full erection when he does the clamping. But then I may be wrong, because he has such a

large and powerful penis!


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