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Tell me, my friend, how you managed to pull off such brilliant girth gains?

Was it through mostly jelqing alone or were you doing squeeze type exercises as well?

I would love to hear your routine and anything else you feel is relevant, unless of course, you’ve already posted someplace, and you can point me to it?

Thanks alot..

Here goes

I guess to start with I was about 5.25 to 5.5 in circumference. I remember early in our marriage my wife telling me that she wishes I were a little longer and not so thick because it really at that time and size made it difficult for here to get me in her. I would have to use a lot of ky jelly etc. Now understand we are married 38 years and I am 62. I was very self concious about my small flaccid 2.5” to 3” long penis. Especially when I was around other men. Erect at that time I was about 5 to 5.5”. I learned about jelqing and ule and stretching on the internet. I became very dedicated. I started jelqing for 30 minutes by the clock 6 nites a week with 1 day off. All of a sudden after about two or three months I started to see some changes. My erections were firmer and all of a sudden my thickness seemed larger. I never measured for 6 months. Ijust kept doing the jelq and uli and stretch. I am completely focused and dedicated on this program. I use a lot of mental imagery to think how my penis will look in 6 months to a year. I also do not drink smoke or do drugs. I am healthy, lost 25 lbs over the last 3 years and maintain a very strict lifestyle. I get 6 hours of sleep most nites. We do have intercourse 3 times a week if I am lucky and I do masturbate, but not when I am doing exercises. The jelq and squeeze has really given me the girth. When I was about 6 months into the program, and we had sex, my wife made note of the fact that I seemed thicker and it kind of was hard to penetrate. I couldn’t understand it at the time. But she was used to a certain size and now my penis was larger and thicker and it was very difficult to penetrate even with lube. We finally worked through that though it was uncomfortable for her at first. But I can tell you that if you want to get thick use jelq and squeeze and really put a lot of pressure on the sides of your penis. You will get thicker. That is about all can say on the subject. Now I am working on stretch exercises to get a little longer. I will let you know about my success down the line.

Thank you for your inquiry and I wish you the very best of success in attaining your goal.

thanks alot man

for your story. really appreciated it…

so there are no miracle girth exercises, apart from the ol’ jelq and squeeze then, thats all there is to it I guess, self evident from your own experience.

My situation is kind of a reverse of yours, too easy to gain length, almost impossible to gain girth :)

What we wouldn’t give to swap huh?

hehe oh well, I’ll stick at it, I am seeing results, it’s not like it’s not budging at all, but I really wanna pack on the thickness if ya know what I mean hehe :D


how much length have you gained. In how long? with what moves?

difficult question....

it’s difficult to say really man, because first of all, in the start, I didn’t keep very accurate or frequent measurements. secondly, because I just turned 18, I don’t know how much of the growth I can attribute to puberty.

I’ve known about all this PE stuff for probably over 2 years, and in that time I did really insufficient sporadic exercises to begin with for maybe 1 and a half years, really laid back so-so… never bothered to keep a record of gains, still got them though not exactly sure how much. I have gained probably at least 1/2 inch since I started getting serious a couple of months back… not sure when exactly - when I appeared on the BP forum, maybe 4-6 months.

But I know that in total, over the past 2 years or so, I’ve gained approx 3cm or about 1.5”

again, I dont know how much of this I can ‘blame’ puberty on ;) I could be one of these “late finishers” for all I know…

also, my total gains are over 7cm (2 and 3/4”) in the past 4-5 years :D (that was from when I was about 13 years old)

Sounds like a miracle story but I started long and it kept growing all through high school.

I actually had about 6.5” Going into high school… but I remember it being much thinner back then ;) must mean I’ve gained thickness although I have only just recently kept track of it.

The exercises I have done in the past were mostly just plain home brand variety jelq and stretch, although I did experiment with the pump a few times with little to no permanent success.

In recent times, I have been continuing with jelq (I do it at what some people would consider dangerous intensity) and now I do squeezes and other ‘maximum engorgement’ style movements, which basically means, get the whole thing pumped up as big as possible, and then make it bigger ;) I treat it tough, but I take plenty of rest days, eat alot, and sleep alot too, so I have plenty resources to repair. I also won’t workout if theres any residual soreness or evidence of damage eg red spots. Ill wait another day or more before I resume.

I dont bother much with stretch any more. Sometimes as a light warmup, but theres really no point since Im trying to gain girth only at the moment. It’s coming, very slowly, seems like it will take till Im fifty but I might just reach my first goal (6” around) I hope by sometime mid next year. (HOPE)

at the end of every workout I do the uli type thing for as long as I feel like it… considering wrapping when I can get my hands on some material. Won’t touch hanging unless I dont get results any other way.

That’s really about all I can think of that’s relevant to your question man….

ps, I know what vegeta is, but what’s gd mean?

hope that helped…

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