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Two-Tone Shaft?

Two-Tone Shaft?

Anyone have this as well? My penis is very dark right up the circumcision scar and then from there to the head its very pale and pinkish.

I have had a few girls comment on this. They didnt say they liked or didnt like it, they would just mention that its 2 different colors.

What do you guys think?

Has it always been like this? I get a two tone shaft from fulcrum hanging really badly. *Massive* discolouration from the apex of the fulcrum onwards, and normal skin colour from behind. If it’s because of this (which also goes for discolouration in general) I think it’s best to give your penis a good massage and shake after you’ve finished your hanging, and perhaps between your sets too if it bothers you that much. I also give it a proper massage directly under the shower head at every shower, that seems to help too. Obvioulsy it goes when you stop hanging too. So it can’t be (that) permanent.


Yeah, discoloration especially darkening of the skin seems to be common when PEing there are a few threads on this. As Goodnight asked, has it always been this way?

Mine has always had a slight difference but seemed to get more pronounced after I started PE. Funny now I don’t notice it as much and I wonder if I’m just getting used to it.

As I recall there is at least 1 thread on things you can do to help diminish the discoloration. If interested you can do a search from the main page.

WannaBeHung, the amount of discoloration you must have by now may take quite a while to go away. You have certainly beaten the fuck out your member at times, might I say a bit much if your who I think you are. I had some small dark areas due to manual stretching that seem to take forever to fade, but they eventually did. There may be some efficacy in certain types of wraps discussed by Bib in the Hanger’s Forum, perhaps worth a look. Probably not a bad idea to avoid ridiculously large donuts and alot of constriction type shit, either. Might try to limit yourself to one session a day if not already doing that to give your dick skin a 24 hour break. Not surprising this discoloration happens so much, the skin in that area of the body is just not built for frequent, arduous exercises like PE. groa

When I first started with jeqing I didn’t get any discoloration except for the small red dots that would go away after awhile. I didn’t get anything from hanging either. Only when I tried the manula stretching did I get some seroius discoloring. I’m going back to hanging and hopefully this will go away in time. My wife might start questioning what the hell is going on.

A bit late in replying I know (I’ve only just joined a month back) but I have always had a two tone shaft. It’s just where my “normal” (for want of a better word) shaft skin meets the skin on my shaft that was my inner foreskin before I was circumcised. My shaft is slightly darker than the skin on the rest of my body up to my circumcision scar, then it is a kind of pinky/orangy color after that up to the head (thats the best way I can describe the color, sorry!).

Start: 22 Mar 04: 6.5" BPEL x 4.6" EG & 6" head. As at: 1 Jan 05: 7.5" BPEL x 4.8-4.9" EG & 6.3" head.

Re-re-start!: 6 Feb 17: 6.9" BPEL x 4.9" EG & 5.5" head. As of: 23 Feb 17: 7.0" BPEL x 5.0" EG & 6.0" head.

Ideal: ASAP: 8+" BPEL x 5.5+" EG & 6.5+" head But will continue if the going is good!!

I’s normal for circumcised men to have a two-tone penis. This has nothing to do with PE discoloration.

I get it from doing extreme ulies. The base is normal, but after where the clamp normally is, it’s much darker. Oh well.

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