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Two gains!

Two gains!

After two months of work…I’m still here

FBPL: 5.94 inches
EBPL: 7.50 inches
EG: 5.43 inches

I increased jelq session lenght and I’m going harder, but nothing.
Don’t want to hurt myself, but maybe I need something harder.

Any help is welcome

What are you doing beyond jelqing? If you’re not stretching add some stretches. Now you are 2 months in you should be able to safely add squeezes for girth.

You have to push yourself a little, there is an element of danger with pushing too far but you’ll have to judge from the reaction of your penis whether you are actually doing a good workout. You should probably find that post jelq your penis will remain in an enlarged state for some time. If it doesn’t you are probably not working hard enough. Try to increase the intensity rather than the time of your sessions. soreness = good, pain = bad.

Sorry, my whole PE story is the following.
I started on august, following the experiment (group A), obatining these results:

FBPL: 0.74 inches
EBPL: 0.78 inches
EG: 0.73 inches

i almost three months. Then I went on doing the same group A routine, adding some more jelquing.


3/4” EL and 3/4” EG gains are great in 3 months.

Why are you dissappointed? Try projecting that gain pattern forward 2 years (nb: you are unlikely to continue at this speed) :)

PE is a long term project.

But if you want to spice up your routine add some JAI’s or Blasters in place of your stretches or do long hold static stretching and add some Horses/ULI’s/Sadsaks.

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It sounds like he made great gains for the first three months, then is at a plateau since.

Try taking a month or two off from PE, then restart again.

If you don’t want to do that, change up your routine to something signifigantly different.

Thank you for answers.

But if I stop for some month, should I do something to mantain what I gained?

I doubt that you’d lose much if any of your gains. I’ve completely stopped PE for a full year and never lost any gains. You might lose a little in the first couple of days, but that is just swelling going down, and not real gains.

When I first started PE, I gained .5” length and some girth. I plateaued after about two months and didn’t gain in the next three months when I decided to stop. A year later I joined Big Al’s site( for additional motivation, and gained another .5” length in a fairly short amount of time. That too plateaued, so I took another year and a half off. My flaccid size did go down some during the time off, but it still was at least twice as big as it was pre-PE. I didn’t do any sort of “maintenance” during the time off.

I am now going for some more length, but emphasizing girth exercises this time. Total gains to date are about 1.25” BPEL, and .4” girth.

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