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Two Inch Gain Club: Perseverance in the face of greatly diminishing returns.


Two Inch Gain Club: Perseverance in the face of greatly diminishing returns.

I just made my first entry to the size database in over a year (13 months to be exact); not because I’ve been too lazy to keep making entries or because I’ve been slacking off on my PE schedule, but because growth has been so slow the past year as to be virtually undetectable. I rarely even measure anymore, because I know the odds of noticing any change on even a month to month basis is more likely to be attributable to normal variation in erection quality than it is to an actual size change. In other words, well within the margin of error.

I started at 6.25BP” x 5.00” 2 years, 4 months ago and had great initial gains. Boy how times have changed. I achieved my first .25” in only a week’s time. It took me 105 weeks to gain my last half inch! The previous .25” gain took me 5 months to achieve. If this pattern holds, it looks like it could take me two or three years to achieve the next .25 inch. From a cost (labor)/benefit standpoint it hardly seems worth it.

One thing that’s kept me going was an irrational desire to enter the “2 inch gain club” (such a nice round number it is). When I entered the 8” club, I figured the “2 inch gain club” was just around the corner, LOL. How wrong I was.

After all this, that damn “8x6 club” still eludes me (currently: 8.25x5.75). After that I’ll be knocking on the door of the “100% Volume Increase Club.” After they let me in, I’ll be able to relax and stop obsessing over these damn clubs! At least until I start coveting membership to some even more exclusive club. :)

Oh, wait; one more thing. Am I allowed to claim the title of PE Vet yet?


Good to see your still around I also know how hard gains become to get. I’m taking a month or longer break because of bruising and a beat up trout but believe me my gains were coming slower and slower. If I remember right I gained an inch the first year and it’s all been down hill after that. But I’m hoping this break will help and when I come back I will get a quick gain. I had been hoping to reach my length goal of 9 this summer but it ain’t happening on the upside I haven’t been locked in my apartment all summer. Maybe you need a break :)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Your story is pretty inspirational to me. Those are great gains. That is also a great current measurement. I’m starting “around” the same measurement as you did so there is great hope for me in the future. I will have to see if you recorded any routines in your data base information. If you didn’t maybe you could post some of your favorite routines or maybe a link if you have in the past? Great gaining.


Feb. 1, 04 BPEL-6 1/16 EG-5 1/2 (at circumscision scar) Current 6-6-04 BPEL- 6 5/8 EG- 5 1/2 First goal 7 inches BPEL

Congratulations. We seem to have a similar gain pattern. Rapid progress at first is a blessing but also gives a false sense of how much time and effort is actually required.

Echoing Dino, consider taking a planned break. I’ve gained well after time off. Can’t knock half the time spent for the same or better progress than plugging away continuously.


I’m near the 2 inch club as well, and have been for about 3 years!!!.

About a month ago I started back on my original routine which was jelquing and pumping. I’ve added a lot of hanging to this, as my old “jelquers elbow” injury was just starting to come back, so the jelquing has been curtailed.

I’m back at 9 inches BP most of the time, and even got a a shade over 9.25” after PE, and a shade over 9+3/8” in the vacuum tube. These are all “records” for me, so lets hope I can keep at it and make it permanent.

There have been months and months of “no gains” though, that I haven’t reported over the years.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

Yeah I had those fast initial gains, now it seems I’m at a plateau possibly, though it is still month 4. I gained 3/4” in length and 1/4” girth in the first 2 monthes. Then I gained another almost 1/4” girth for like a week or two not long ago, and then took a 3 day break and lost it :(
It sure was disappointing to be so close to the 5-1/2” girth and then drop back, but all I can do is stay positive and keep on pushing forward.

I’m thinking that maybe the trick for girth is less intesity but no rest days, so like 200-300 jelqs. So it doesn’t have a chance to tighten up. I know that after the first 100 jelqs I already have that PSG (post session gain) of 1/2” more girth, and I think this is what is key, just reaching this point where you are stretched on a consistant basis. Maybe even doing 100 jelqs at different times through the day would be a possibility to help keep it stretched out.

I was really hoping I could hit 7-1/2” x 5-1/2” this summer. I really want to be able to feel truely 7 inches by having the NBPEL too. One thing I know is right before my length gains I had my first “lig pops” over the span of one week, and I haven’t had any sinse before my last 1/4” length gain. So I’m sort of hoping for some lig pops again.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Have PE breaks helped you guys? If it does how long should the break be?

Originally Posted by chitonan
Have PE breaks helped you guys? If it does how long should the break be?

Here is one thread about breaks. IMO, 4 weeks minimum.

Interesting that you resurrected that old thread Hobby, because by now, with significantly more time put in I can say with far more certainty that “deconditioning” breaks work - for me, of course - can’t speak for others.

We briefly touched upon the psychological benefits back then, and I have to say now that this is a matter that should not be overlooked for hard-core long term PE’ers. Beyond the mounting evidence of its physical benefits, a strategic break is fuel for the gas tank that supplies a our will power. There is not a doubt in my mind.

I have been following Dino’s efforts to take time off, and I almost feel sorry for his dick when he finally gets back at it. There’s gonna be some serious stretching going on at the Dino residence a few months from now. :)

BTW - about the Two Inch Club: Save a seat for me. I’m comin fellers!

>I have been following Dino’s efforts to take time off, and I almost feel sorry for his dick when he finally gets back at it.


A guy can only do this stuff for so long before it becomes a tedious chore. It’s funny that even after reaching that point a break produces pangs of PE withdrawal so strong they are barely tolerable. You come back anxious to PE instead of dreading it.

I’ll make the 2” club before long. I’m hindered by not being able to hang right now, but I plan to get there by the end of the year if not the end of summer.

I will enter the “2 Inch Club” with far more joy than I entered the “400 Bench Club,” hands down. That “100% Volume Increase Club” is really phenomenal - imagine that, DOUBLE the dick! And to think, YGuy TRIPLED his fuckstick. That’s unreal.


It has been real hard to take a break because I was so close and also the biggest reason is I’m afraid I will lose my gains. I know I won’t lose much but without the constant PE I don’t feel as big even though my flaccid hang has been better since the break. I know it’s in my mind but I been peing for just about 4 years so it’s different not to be doing it, it’s a whole different reality I have time to see people and go out but I have lost a little confidence in my size it could be because I’m not thinking about my dick all the time. My bruising is starting to lighten up slowly but might take more than a month if so I will have a hard choice to make. I already made the two inch club and to be honest while I’m extremely driven I’m nothing like I used to be before I hit the 8 mark that was the big goal and the big glory 9 has always been a gravy thing for me if I reach 9 and get lazy I will most likely never be smaller than 8. Also you nut jobs are just good company and thunders is a great place to visit.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

If by hard choice you mean whether to hang again after your break, please do it. If not for yourself, go a few more months for the sake of contributing to PE knowledge. I’ll be surprised if you don’t pick up a decent gain after the break. Whether you do or not it will be good feedback. If you don’t try, we’ll never know. You’re in a somewhat unique position to test the efficacy of a break on a long-time constant PE’er. It seemed to help SS4. Will it do the same for Dino?

Whether you continue PE or not, Thunder’s is the place to be. You are part of the PE clan, and you’ll never escape that. :)

Is this:

“30 Minutes manual stretching variations 75 Minutes alternating 5-7 minute pump sessions (4 sessions total) with sets of jelq and squeeze sessions. Just started pumping 12/20/02 and have finally broken my long girth plateau. Will report the new numbers soon.”

still your routine? I’m still abyssmal(read:lazy) with the search feature so I couldn’t find anything other than this. If it isn’t, could you post up your most recent one and any backlogs of routines you have since that last entry?



I think you’ve earned the title PE Vet…

Keep it up and good luck for the last .25” in girth. :up:

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

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