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Anyone use twisting as an exercise? I do and i think it is the best thing I can do for my penis. I just wanted to know if anyone else does this at all.

What I do is,
I take my guy and extend him out (flacid) I am currently at 6 inches flacid but when I stretch it I am at 8. I then twist my penis with my left hand either way and then give one more good turn with my right hand and this is my strong hand by the way. I now have it spun twice and grabbing it as hard as possible in my hand. I do all kinds of stretches like this and I even force it to start getting erect while twisted, feels good actually but looks painful, at least thats what my wife said when she saw me do it once. Anyway I just think it has really helped me in my quest and i havent yet heard anyone doing it but I know someone out there must be doing it so let hear who uses this as a part of their routine.

Do a search for bruiser 180 and bruiser 360. Although this maneuver has an official name, it has faded into relative obscurity.

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I’ve recently started doing twisting experimentions recently in conjunction with stretching. So far so good. I get a very different feeling to my stretching when I do this. Like you, I start off flaccid and then engorge slightly though the process. It’s too soon to post my personal conclusions, but I will later.


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