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Twisted penis

Twisted penis

When you search this forum on bends, there are quite a few threads covering the topic. Something that you dont hear allot about is twisting in the penis. I have a curve to the left in my penis but the head of the penis also tilts to the right. It is like one of the CC’s goes lower than the other the further the bend goes. I have disgussed this with both Iowa and Sidewinder but I would also like to know if anyone else has a similar condition and how they are dealing with it.

The thing is that I dont think my twist is related to peyronies because it has been this way as long as I can remember with no pain involved. I just noticed it more when I started to get harder erections from PE.

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Wow, that is unusual!
I wonder if this could be used to you’re advantage during sex?
It could give the impression of more girth in a vagina because of the twists.

As for me I don’t have a twisted or bent penis.
I used to have it bend slightly to the left but with PE it has basically gone and now is straight.

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Hehe….Maybe I should be looking for exercises that makes it look like a screw. I wonder what the women would say about that kind of penetration, “the guy last night just drilled the f**k out of me” LOL

I guess it is unusual, but I have seen some men in porn having a slight tilt of their heads. Nothing mayor but enough to be seen. I posted a thread called “Leaning head” with a drawing of how mine looks. It was not until I saw my penis in the mirror that this problem became urgent.

"What goes up, stays there!"

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