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I know you’re new and all buddy, but was just curious as to your starting stats?

well i just measured, had to buy a tailoring tape too last night. LOl!
The girl asked if I needed to masure myself to know waht size I was? I said yes and smiled.
I have a hard time measuring flaccid sizes. I will retry them. but bperectlength is six in. girth is 5 inches. I will reply with flacid soon.

Quick question? I measured erect first then flacid so it is not the best wau to start, I have to wait until i calm down I guess, then measure.
but do i give it a slight tug to unfurl it before measureing in flaccid?

oh yeah I forgot that is with zero peing. I have yet to start. I just have been reading these posts and faqs for about two weeks. I don’t want to start and have a situation and have to walk downstairs with no pants on fireman in hand and type one handed! LOL! I will start soon, I promise!

I hate measuring flaccid too mate, it’s ultra-unreliable…. the thing varies heaps just with a slight temperature change, mood, whatever, therefore I pretty much forget about those set of measurements, I’m only interested in the maximums anyways :D

if you measure flaccid try to measure under the same circumstances every time, eg, ALWAYS after u get out of a hot shower, or ALWAYS after you climb out of a cold pool, whatever, so long as its consistent.

Also, does anyone include foreskin into flaccid measurement? for me it’s kinda hard not to, although in very shrunken flaccid state this can add nearly an inch to my measure hehehe

I never thought of that, but I don’t have to I am cut anyhow. But I appreciate the help.

So will I see flacid gains usually the first? How does this work for most? Instead of erect, for instance?

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