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Turtle question

Turtle question

I have a quick question. I have heard of guys saying that their cock turtles. I have always thought this means the dick shrinks up and gets small. Today I was ride my bike. I ride for my cardio, about 1 hour 4 times a week. I live in South Dakota and it gets kinda cold here. When I got done today and went to go take a piss my dick looked like I was NOT circumsized. The skin from my shaft had completely covered my head with just about 1/4 of a centimeter not covered. This had never happened before, I have had my dick shrink up in the cold, sometimes where it is only like a inch long, but the shaft skin had never gone past my head before. Is this what guys refer to when they say “turtle”?

It means both. For some it shrinks up to less than 2 inches and for others it can almost disappear altogether.

Yes. Major turtle.

Yep, turtling.

Don’t worry, when he warms up he’ll stick his head back out.

I’ve never had it happen such that I seemed to be uncircumsized. Though, today I rode my bike to the gym with just track pants and a hoodie on and it’s pretty damn chilly here. By the time I got there my glans was damn cold and the rest of my unit wasn’t feeling so hot. Not thinking, I went to do some decline press. My junk was pretty much directly visible through my track pants while I was on the bench. For those of you that don’t have a mental image, see the text below.

. = head
/ = upper torso
, = cold donger jamming through track pants
| = legs

I had to stop after my second set and go to the change room to warm up for the second time that workout =D. Happens to the best of us though.. no man is immune to shrinkage.

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