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Turkey Neck?

Turkey Neck?

Guys how long does it take to develope TURKEY NECK? I mainly do DRY JELQS and I don’t want to have that. Does age make a difference? any other tips ?

I have not heard of anyone developing turkey neck (scrotal skin going up shaft of penis) from doing PE.

I have always had this condition. It goes about half way up if I stretch it out. But it has not gotten any worse since I’ve been PEing.

so why do people talk about it, getting it from PE?

I’m not sure what that question was.

Have you read here that some people are getting it AFTER doing PE or just that they have it and that they also PE?

some guy wrote in one of the posts that one of the side effects of PE is turkey neck and other problems.

Well I suppose it could be. I haven’t noticed it and don’t recall seeing it but I sure haven’t read all the posts here.

I guess since some people notice hair going up the shaft from skin at the base of the penis as it grows, it could also be that scrotal skin will be used to “take up the slack” as the penis grows as well.

As far as how long it would take I think it would just be a matter of how long it takes your dick to grow. I can’t imagine why the scrotal skin would make its way up the shaft without penis growth to “pull” it out there.

That’s my thoughts.

Perhaps you can find out what others might have commented by using the search key.

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