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Turkey neck...anything?


Thanks for sharing and bringing attention to this. I’m going to start using this exercise.

Originally Posted by trunksdarklord
Ok people let me share my story with you. I had a pretty bad turkey neck myself and thought that the only way to get rid of it would be to have that correctional surgery. I even went to the doctor to have him check out what I called “Excessive skin stretching of the scrotum”. He told me it looked normal and I felt like an idiot, though I knew it still didn’t look quite normal because I had turkey neck which I did not have before starting PE. Looking around the forums, I saw various techniques, but one I tried actually worked. It’s very simple, all you have to do is stretch the skin on the underside of your penis. This is the way I do it:
Step 1, Get a full erection and make a tight ok grip with your right hand and grip about an inch below the head (depending on how big you are you may want to grip a bit lower, but don’t go any lower than halfway down your shaft as you could potentially just be stretching the webbed and loose skin).
Step 2, Use your other hand to make an ok grip about a quarter inch below your other hand (You can pretty much have the two hands touching but I feel having a slight gap in between your two hands provides a more effective stretch).
Step 3, Pull downwards with your bottom hand while keeping the hand on top firmly in place. Make sure you feel the stretch on all areas of the underside of the shaft. That is, you’re likely to be stretching the skin only on the corpus spongiosum since it protrudes more on the underside of your shaft so adjust your hands and make sure you stretch the skin in between the grooves (Hopefully this makes sense).

At first, I was hesitant to try this technique because I was afraid it would only make things worse, but I kept with it for a week or so despite not seeing immediate results and found that it did in fact work. I don’t really have a turkey neck anymore and my dick looks bigger because the scrotum is down where it should be (This will also make your balls hang down where they should.

I also want to point out that you should be performing this downward skin stretch on all sides of your penis (the sides and the top). This will help your gains become more noticeable. My first year, I did no reverse skin stretching on the sides or top of the shaft and even though I had gained .6” in length, my penis looked pretty much the same which confused me. Then one day I was playing around in the mirror and noticed that if I made a V-shape with my index and middle finger, gripped the sides of my penis at the base and then pulled back, my dick appeared much larger. Then I realized my penis would look like this without the aid of my fingers if I used reverse stretching on the sides and top of my shaft. You see, the skin from the pubic area was being pulled out with my gains and so stretching to create more penis skin moved that skin back to where it belongs. Please try this out, and let me know how it goes.

Definitely going to start doing this. I hate the damn turkey neck and base skin being pulled up my shaft.

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Almost a week in, the progress has been amazing. My TK is long gone and I can actually grab some of the hidden shaft that was previously covered by my scrotum. The only downside is that I haven’t seen much progress on my “hairy skin” at the base of my penis, but that might be because I don’t concentrate on that part as much as with my TK. I have also been doing the other stretch I explained on my first post here.

Okay, I’ve done this at least two times a week (I don’t always remember) and it still working. No more TK and the hairy skin is almost 1 cm “back to where it belongs”, if that makes sense. Now, I’ve noticed 3 secondary effects: my balls now hang a bit lower, my penis seems to be a bit darker now (specially when flaccid) and when flaccid I can see a bit of extra skin at the tip of my penis. I don’t know if this will bother someone but I’m just saying it so you know these secondary effects. It doesn’t bother me except for the “discoloration”, which is not true discoloration, is just that more skin = more concentration of melanin (don’t know how to explain it in english, I hope you get the idea)

I won’t update this thread anymore, I think it’s pretty clear that this works. I’ll post a picture probably on July along with the one I took on May.


Mine has improved. I target two areas of skin. One is the upper shaft skin, all sides, all the way around, and only above the highest attachment point of the scrotal webbing. The other area is the raphe of the shaft including some of the scrotal web.

I’ve been doing it a few minutes per day, for a couple months. I don’t think anything will completely fix a TN, but it does look better. My balls have moved back a bit, and the bunching up of skin around the scrotal/shaft connection is less conspicuous.

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Will ridding a turkey neck thru surgery, contribute to gaining any length?

Originally Posted by MentalGainz
Will ridding a turkey neck thru surgery, contribute to gaining any length?

It may look longer but I wouldn’t think you’d measure any longer.

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