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tunica stretching

tunica stretching

What are the best techniques for stetching the tunica?

…Any suggestions? My search hasn’t turned up much.

im curious about this as well. acording to bibs lot theory,my lot is between 6 and 7 o’clock.this indicates the tunica stretching would be more beneficial for me.correct?

I 2nd this request

I am in the same situation and would love to hear some tips.

I think techniques are pretty much the same - manual stretching or hanging (I don’t know anything about pumping). Just you have to make sure you pull above your LOT (to stretch only tunica). For example if you pull it towards your belly button you almost surely stretch the tunica unless you have a LOT at 12 o’clock.

If you pull below your LOT you stretch both ligs and tunica.

Also, when hanging, smaller hangers (e.g. BiB starter) are said to give better tunica stretch because they have smaller surface area.
Over the shoulder (OTS) hanging position focuses on tunica stretch.

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Great response Sparky, except for one thing. The LOT theory never worked for me!
Guys, pick an angle, any angle, above your LOT (yes,straight up towards your belly button aka Over The Shoulder-OTS is the theoretical “ideal” angle) and concentrate on that angle only. Do not switch between different angles, you will simply strengthen the tissues.

I had my best gains hanging straight out (SO) with a fulcrum. Those of you who hang may want to do a search for the thread “Fulcrum Hanging” in the Members Pic section. In that thread, I posted pictures of the set up I used which was inspired by Jelktoid. For those of you that manual stretch, do a search for Inverted V or A stretches. They work on a similar principle to fulcrum hanging and allow you to place a higher force on the tunica without compromising your grip strength.

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