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Tunica Stretching - once and forall


Originally posted by mike2002
When I'm doing a tunica stretch I'm pulling my penis upwards very hard! I'm guessing the tunica is above the testicles way back in the base, because that's the only place I feel a stretch.

Try doing a V or A stretch in combination with pulling upwards.

Sorry for the mistake RB! Perhaps a mod could do it.

Ss4 its dickheads like you that could give this place a bad name!!!!

"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"



>Ss4 its dickheads like you that could give this place a bad name!!!!<

Why do you feel this way? Could you elaborate?


No elaboration…

Admittedly some people just don´t think that they could find something like a search function, but some people are just lazy.

This thread started with a question which demanded a page long essay to even scratch the surface and so isn´t terrbly helpful.

No doubt the person starting this thread thought they would end the lack of knowledge of the tunica, which is good of them :) but they probably didn´t realise that it will disappear quickly when no one posts on it daily

The search tool, found up and to the right is a very powerful tool. I like it because you can get several threads relevant to what you want to know about and you don´t need to bother anyone!

You can also see how opinions change over time.

Try using the search function, and search for things like “tunica” which will get you lots of threads, or preferably combine it with an element of the tunica you are interested in, such as “tunica AND stretch”.


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